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Reunion Weekend

Each year more than 1,000 alumni and guests attend Ivey’s Reunion Weekend! In true Ivey fashion, our celebration is one of the most successful events of its kind in Canada. Join us this year to celebrate your milestone reunion, and reconnect and reminisce with your classmates at the School.

Reunion Photos & Testimonials

  • Charmaine D'Silva, MBA '07

    "Reunion is a great opportunity to re-connect with faculty and friends. But it's also a good networking opportunity, a chance to forge new relationships for your future."

  • 2015 Reunion Celebrations

  • Mollie O’Neill, MBA ’85

    “When we meet, it’s like we were all together yesterday. That’s true of anybody from Ivey – you share a common experience and have a common outlook on how to deal with issues.”

  • 2015 Reunion Celebrations

  • 2015 Reunion Celebrations

  • Hammad Mughal, MBA ’05

    “My Ivey class was truly a family. I wanted to see my friends again, to see where Ivey is going, and of course to see the new building.”

  • 2015 Reunion Celebrations

  • 2015 Reunion Celebrations

  • Tom McCarthy, HBA '63

    "The people I met in my study group are like an extended family to me. Even after 50 years, we can walk into the same room and pick up right where we left off."

  • 2015 Reunion Celebrations

  • 2015 Reunion Celebrations

  • David Brebner, HBA '02

    "Ivey grads are unstoppable. My classmates are working all over the world, and at this point in their careers and lives, it's hard to make the time to get back to Ivey. But a lot of us made the effort, and we had a party.”

  • 2015 Reunion Celebrations

  • 2015 Reunion Celebrations

  • Elissa Beckett, EMBA '08

    "Ivey was a learning experience, but it was also a relationship-building and networking experience and our class really prided ourselves in that element of it. Reunion was a wonderful opportunity to get everyone back together."

  • Lisa Penny, HBA '81

    "No matter what our chronological age, we still feel young and vibrant inside. Being back at Ivey reminds us of that very zest for life and of the community we are all a part of. I love the new building! It's nice to see a work environment that is so welcoming and full of light.”

Future Reunion Weekend Dates

NEXT REUNION WEEKEND October 20-22, 2017