An Asian Commitment

Always important to Ivey

The Richard Ivey School of Business has a long-standing focus on international business and many years? experience in Asia.

  • We have educated hundreds of Asian HBA and MBA students.
  • We have trained dozens of faculty members for such universities as National University of Singapore, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Tsinghua University.
  • Ivey has established a campus in Hong Kong, the Cheng Yu Tung Management Institute at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre.
  • Ivey faculty has extensive teaching experience in Asia, through visiting faculty appointments and short-term courses offered in China.
  • A student-driven initiative sends a group of MBA students to Beijing and Shanghai to teach courses in general management to Chinese undergraduate management students every May.
  • We produce more current Asian business cases than any other business school - over 736 in circulation.
  • Ivey has a rich collection of translated cases, case books, books and textbooks for use in Asia.
  • Paul Beamish, past editor-in-chief of the world-renowned Journal of International Business Studies, organized a conference in Hong Kong focusing on cooperative strategies in Asia Pacific. Papers presented at the conference were published in book form in 1997.
  • Senior Ivey representatives tour the region each year, recruiting top students for the Ivey MBA Program.
  • Students of our Executive MBA Programs visit Asia annually to research best practices.
  • Extensive exchanges for undergraduates and MBAs take place every year, between Ivey and Asian universities.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre - Home of Ivey's Asian Campus