The Opportunity

Tremendous for all

The Asian Management Institute provides new intellectual capital with which to enrich business education in Asia, business and trade opportunities, and our existing degree and executive education programs.

  • A rich resource of Asian business cases are being developed for use at Ivey, other universities and training sites throughout the world.
  • Case writing and case teaching expertise are being developed and taught throughout Asia through Ivey designed workshops and by Ivey faculty.
  • Research and case writing in Asia will give Ivey firsthand experience, which can be shared on many educational fronts.
  • Practical management research and knowledge of Asian best practices will contribute to continued economic growth in the region.
  • Meeting the need for high quality business cases and management education in Asia is a significant business opportunity.
  • Ivey graduates who are prepared for the Asian context, but have a global perspective, will add value to Asian businesses.
  • Ivey professors will represent a significant resource on Asian markets for both Canadian and Asian companies.
  • This Asian commitment provides an opportunity to dramatically enhance Ivey?s reputation for global management education and research.

Support and Gifts

Financial support is essential to our plans. It enables AMI to launch new initiatives as well as to build on current success. Over the past years, we have received substantial support from our alumni, corporations, foundations and private philanthropists.

We invite you to join the growing list of donors and sponsors whose generous contributions allow AMI to further its goals. For information on Ivey's Asia Campaign, contact Janet De Silva, Dean, Ivey Asia at:

(l to r) Drs. Richard and Beryl Ivey, Dr. Cheng Yu Tung

We take pride in honoring and acknowledging your gifts.

  Ivey Investors' Report

(l to r) Professor Paul Beamish, Mr. Lee Seng Wee, Dean Carol Stephenson