Asia Related Publications

A proven track record

In response to the Chinese government’s decree that 25% of MBA courses in China be taught using the case method:

  • 16 MBA casebooks for the People’s Republic of China were published in 1998, in collaboration with Tsinghua University in Beijing.  Translation of the 16 China casebooks was completed in 1999.  Ivey has continued to publish new topics of both English and Chinese casebooks for the Chinese MBA curriculum.

  • 18 textbooks, jointly recommended by Ivey faculty and Tsinghua faculty, were reprinted in 1998 for the People’s Republic of China.

  • 6 casebooks for Taiwan (in traditional Chinese characters) were published from 2002 to 2004, in collaboration with the National Taiwan University in Taipei.

Many of our case collections and textbooks authored by Ivey Faculty have been translated into Asian languages including Chinese, Korean and Japanese. 

Between 1990 and 1994, eleven (11) books, (co)edited by Ivey faculty, were published in Chinese in collaboration with our CIDA - sponsored partners at three Chinese universities.  Five (5) were case collections, five (5) were translations of texts and one (1) was a monograph about Ivey.

  • A five-volume casebook set translated and published jointly with Tsinghua University.

  • Four International Business textbooks translated by Dalian University.

  • A textbook on Multinational Joint Ventures translated and published by Southeast University.

  • Research report: "The Building and the Operation of a North American Business School" which details the major aspects of the Ivey Business School from a Chinese perspective published in 1990.

  • Michael Porter's best selling books Competitive Strategy and Competitive Advantage translated by Ivey's adjunct professor Chen Xiaoyue and published in 1997 by Tsinghua University.