Ivey Business Journal (IBJ) Articles


May/June 2014
How China Could Improve Its Global Acquisition Game
by M.S.S. El Namaki
March/April 2014
Gender Equity: Coming Soon to Emerging Markets Near You
by Yasser Bhatti, Sania Nishtar and Ian Scott
Winning Strategies for the Solution Economy
by Paul Macmillan and William D. Eggers
November/December 2013
Dealing with Cartels
by David Kunsch and W. Glenn Rowe
July/August 2013
Taking the Leadership Leap: Developing an Executive Pipeline for India's Future
by Viren Doshi, Jai Sinha, Gaurav Moda and Anshu Nahar
Chinese State-Owned Enterprises in Africa: Entrepreneurs or the Long Arm of the State?
by Daouda Cisse and Ross Anthony
India After the Boom
by Niraj Dawar
March/April 2013
Chinese State-Owned Enterprises in Africa: Myths and Realities
by Namukale Chintu and Peter J. Williamson
Learning to Manage Global Innovation Projects
by Keeley Wilson and Yves Doz
January/February 2013
One Billion People, One Billion Opportunities
by Deepak Kukreja
State-Owned Enterprise and Foreign Investment in Canada
by Paul Boothe
Young India: Developing, Engaging and Retaining Gen Y Talent
by Nambiar Seema Arora
An Indian Entrepreneur Uses Outside-The-Box Thinking to Establish a Niche in Financial Services
by Sudip Bandyopadhyay
November/December 2012
What Japanese Companies Must Do To Create a Second Economic Miracle
by David O'Gorman
September/October 2012
The War for Talent in China
by Jan De Silva
July/August 2012

Frugal Innovation: The Key to Pentrating Emerging Markets

by Kaushik Mukerjee

Patenting and Innovation Strategies in China
by Kenneth Huang

March/April 2012

Reverse Innovation and the Emerging Market Growth Imperative
by Chris Trimble
Frugal Engineering: An Emerging Innovation Paradigm
by Nirmalya Kumar and Phanish Puranam
January/February 2012

Occupy, Economic Inequality and Business Initiatives: Insights from India
by Hari Bapuji and Suhaib Riaz
November/December 2011
The Toyota Recall: Missing the Forest for the Trees
by Jeffrey K. Liker and Timothy N. Ogden
September/October 2011

Silicon Valley to India: Build an Innovation Ecosystem and Good Things Will Come
by Rishikesha T. Krishnan

Strategic Leadership Development:  The New Frontier for Indian Firms
by Ariff Kachra

What We Can Learn From High Value Indian Outsourcers
by Nicole Haggerty

Indian Entrepreneurship and the Challenges to India's Growth
by Vishal Jain

In Focus:  India

by Stephen Bernhut
July/August 2011


Ambitious, educated women and their key role in solving China's talent crunch

by Sylvia Ann Hewlett



In Focus:  The Global Environment of Business

From emerging to emerged in a few seconds

by Stephen Bernhut


March/April 2011

Will Canada's business leaders discover Asia in time?
by Gordon Perchthold
January/February 2011


Winds of Change: Corporate Social Responsibility In China
by Joseph Sarkis, Na Ni and Qinghua Zhu

Continuity and Change in Japan’s Automotive Industry

by Katsuki Aoki, Rick Delbridge and Takahiro Endo

March/April 2010



Mitigating the risk: Practical steps for expanding your business abroad

by Carol Stephenson


January/February 2010

In China, it's not just about the economy. Will Canada get it?
by Yuen Pau Woo

The international joint venture: A discussion with Professor Paul W. Beamish
by Paul W. Beamish

The emerging market to emerging market opportunity: Are you ready to play?
by Niraj Dawar

China is undergoing a transformation...yet again
by Andrew Delios and Xufei Ma


An interview with Christopher Bartlett
by Stephen Bernhut


The passage to India: Ivey paves the way with new partnerships
by Carol Stephenson

November/December 2008


How to meet China's cost innovation challenge
by Peter Williamson and Ming Zeng

November/December 2007


Three generations of Chinese entrepreneurs: Will the third generation be as successful?
by Bing Xiang and Bing-Sheng Teng

September/October 2007



Business practices in China and India
by Niraj Dawar


May/June 2007


Doing business in India: Caveat venditor
by Rajesh Kumar


The need for reforms in Chinese marketing education
by Kunal Basu and Guo-Qing Guo

January/February 2006



...China: To go or not to go
by Paul W. Beamish


November/December 2005


Knowing the business environment: The use of non-market-based strategies in chinese local firms
by Mingfang Li and Haiwei Zhou


May/June 2005


How to succeed in the New China
by Peter J. Williamson and Ming Zeng

Feeling the stones on the river bed: Prospects and implications for China?s entry into the world of global competition
by Gordon Redding

Chinese professional managers and the issue of ethical behaviour
by Roger Chen and Chia-Pei Chen

The critical role of business groups in China
by Xufei Ma and Jane W. Lu

Japanese expansion in China: A cautionary tale
by Ruihua Joy Jiang and Paul W. Beamish

The business of doing business with China: An ambassador reflects
by Joseph Caron

In China: The importance of managing relationships dynamically
by Donald N. Sull

The strategic management process in e-business
by Louise C?? Michel V?ina and Vincent Sabourin

The seven strategies of master negotiators
by Brad McRae

From The Dean
by Carol Stephenson


March/April 2005


Changing patterns in Japanese investment in Canada
by Anthony Goerzen and Paul W. Beamish


September/October 2002


Doing business in China: A cautionary tale
by Gregg Buchanan 
September/October 2001 


An Interview: N.R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman and CEO, Infosys Technologies
by Stephen Bernhut
May/June 2001 


Asia's Foreign Debt: An Evaluation and Strategic Overview
by Nicolono Strizzi and Luca Rispoli
January/February 2001 


The New Competitive Game in Asia
by Peter J. Williamson
November/December 2000 


China's Environmental Mess: Implications for Canadian Business
by Nicolino Strizzi and Robert T. Stranks
September/October 2000 


Korea's Economy Opens Up
by O. Yul Kwon
July/August 2000 


Sony's Nakamura on Structure and Decision Making
by Paul W. Beamish
May/June 2000 


China Joins the WTO Club
by R Dattu, J Boscariol, S Spengemann

Post-Crisis Asia
by Nicolini Strizzi and Gurprit S. Kindra
January/February 2000 


Thailand: The Outlook Brightens
by Andrew Delios and Timothy D. Keeley