One of the goals of the Asian Management Institute is the development and dissemination of research and teaching materials on Asian business. To this end, AMI has embarked on ambitious programs to provide the materials necessary to achieve this goal. A few of these projects are:

  • Creating a 16 volume casebook series for China, published in English and Simplified Chinese characters.
  • Creating a 6 volume casebook series for Taiwan, published in Traditional Chinese Characters.
  • Organizing 18 Ivey professors to consult with professors from Chinese universities in selecting 18 of the most highly regarded textbooks from around the world for reprinting.
  • Organizing annual case writing and teaching workshops to introduce the region to the case method.
  • Forming partnerships with institutes such as Nanyang Business School and the National Accounting Institute.
  • Providing business cases translated into Asian languages.

Working closely with overseas institutions Ivey faculty have played a key role in the assembly of learning materials for Asia. Through the publishing of textbooks, textbook chapters, articles, and cases with relevance to the region, AMI has solidified its dedication to Asia, and continues to strive towards providing academic solutions in the form of management learning and teaching material.