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Optimizing Your Supplier Portfolio

Outsource Magazine

October 2012
by Ning Su


In today’s global services outsourcing arena, increasing numbers of companies adopt “multisourcing”; that is, they select and combine information technology (IT) and business services from multiple providers. This article analyzes the benefits and risks of the multisourcing strategy, and identifies key decision factors and best practices for optimizing firms’ supplier portfolios.


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Planting the seeds for business

knowledge exchange
impact, Volume 18, Number 6
by Romel Mostafa

Although many companies are reluctant to train foreign workers without tight controls to ensure the knowledge remains in the firm, developing countries can greatly benefit from knowledge spillover from successful companies. The research of Ivey Assistant Professor Romel Mostafa reveals the conditions needed for the spread of business knowledge in emerging countries.

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Co-creating Value:
The changing face of global outsourcing

impact, Volume 17, Number 2
by Ning Su

Outsourcing today requires more than just setting up an office in a low-cost country. Ning Su, Assistant Professor of Information Systems, explores how companies from developed economies and emerging markets can share innovation and knowledge to create value for each other.

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Ivey is producing a significant and increasing amount of important Asia-related research - check back often under DOWNLOADS:
Recent/Forthcoming Research Publications. This work is taking place by faculty and Ph.D. students, and can be found in books and leading journals. Some of our Asia-focused research includes Cooperative Strategies, Leadership, and Japanese Foreign Direct Investment (JFDI).

Assisted by the Asian Management Institute, the volume of Asia-related research is escalating. This effort contributes to Ivey's ranking as the top school in the world for International Strategic Management research in the past decade (Source: Journal of International Management, 2003).

In the wake of backlash against Made-in-China toys in 2007, two studies done by Ivey Professor Paul Beamish and Hari Bapuji at the University of Manitoba generated significant international attention. The two studies: “Toy Recall – Is China Really the Problem?” and “Toy Import and Recall Levels: Is There a Connection?” were published by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and quoted in over 200 media outlets. The earlier research showed that most toy recalls were the results of design flaws by the creator companies rather than attributed to Chinese manufacturers. The follow up findings showed that toy recalls have increased at a faster rate than the increase in imports from foreign countries. Also, design-related recalls were higher, and increased faster, than manufacturing-related recalls, and that the trends were less pronounced for Chinese-made toys.

In 2008, “Toy Recalls and China: One Year Later” was published by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. This paper analyzes the data on toy recalls and notes that the number of recalls continued to increase in 2008. However, the total number of toy units recalled appears to be decreasing. This decrease in units, relative to recalls, is particularly salient for toys recalled for excessive levels of lead. Further, a marginal increase in the recalls of toys made in countries other than China is noted.

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