Our Faculty

One of the most important aspects of the Ivey approach to Case Learning is its world-class faculty. Fuelled by real-world experience, they incite debate and challenge assumptions - always with the goal of preparing students for a successful career by developing their leadership potential.

How we are different

Faculty members ensure that every class counts. By constantly encouraging and evaluating students' contributions, they stoke the fires of inquisitive minds, directing the flow of discussion, and bringing out the best. Perhaps that explains why the typical Ivey class has better than 95 per cent attendance.

In the Media

Ivey faculty members are renowned as both teachers and researchers, but many are also media-savvy experts in their fields. Faculty appear in the headlines regularly for their in-depth analysis of current events and our changing economic landscape. Read the latest news, editorials, and interviews: 

impact: an online research publication

persson-impact-14.jpgAccounting as an “actor”

Martin Persson’s research explores how financial models sometimes create what they’re trying to measure