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Ivey delivers the skills recruiters are looking for in MBAs

Bloomberg Businessweek surveyed 1,320 job recruiters at more than 600 companies around the globe to discover what skills are in demand by employers and which business schools are best at teaching those skills. The report showed that Ivey’s MBA graduates ranked first in leadership skills, strategic thinking, collaboration and communications skills – among the most-wanted and hardest-to-find skills sought after by recruiters.

Here’s how Ivey ranked among 122 top MBA schools in the skills most in demand by recruiters:

  • Leadership Skills = #1
  • Strategic thinking = #1
  • Ability to work collaboratively = #1
  • Communication Skills = #1
  • Motivation/drive = #2
  • Quantitative skills = #2
  • Analytical thinking = #3
  • Adaptability = #11
  • Creative problem solving = #17

Ivey in the Rankings:

Most rankings measure schools on multiple dimensions with different weightings assigned to different elements. There are some rankings dimensions that align with Ivey’s program strategies, which center on student and recruiter satisfaction, and others that do not. On the measures that align with our strategy, we perform well and where we do not, we pay close attention and review the data to determine if there is opportunity to improve. However, we do not formulate strategy based on their results.

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MBA Rankings

Businessweek (November 2014)

Bloomberg Businessweek named the Ivey Business School at Western University the top-ranked international full-time MBA program. Ivey topped the list of 27 international schools (located outside the U.S.) based on criteria from three distinct categories. Each school was ranked on a survey of student satisfaction (45 per cent), a survey of employers (45 per cent), and faculty research in esteemed journals (10 per cent).

Complete results available on Businessweek's website

Financial Times (January 2014)

This year Ivey was ranked 89th internationally (of the top 100 global business schools) by the Financial Times. This represents a drop in our position, despite improving our results in a number of areas this year. The FT Ranking is a complex ranking system that ultimately measures schools on 16 different dimensions.

Ivey performs well on several key criteria:

SALARY TODAY: Ivey retained its leadership position for top salary in Canada for 15 consecutive years at $99,072 with a significant $8,768 gap between us and next closest Canadian school.

PLACEMENT SUCCESS: Ivey scored 38th in the world with our nearest Canadian competitor at 81 and all other Canadian schools sitting in the bottom quartile. We are ahead of 9 schools that made the top 25 overall. This score measures satisfaction with Career Management Services.

CAREER PROGRESS: Ivey improved 7 positions this year. This score measures improved level in seniority after an MBA.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Ivey is in the top 50 schools and scored 43rd globally.

ALUMNI RECOMMENDATION: Ivey ranked 35th globally on this score that asks alumni from all schools in the ranking to name three schools from which they would recruit MBA graduates.

EMPLOYED AT 3 MONTHS: Ivey is second in Canada at 83%. This metric measures our employment rate 3 months post-graduation. With April convocation instead of June, our reporting period is nearly two months shorter than most schools. This understates our placement rate by about 9%. For our Employment Report we report on the same time frame as other Canadian schools - as of September 1. Based on our September 1 employment rate, Ivey would rank 1st in Canada and 24th globally (higher than 8 schools in the top 10 overall).

Canadian Business (October 2013)

Canadian Business released a new MBA ranking for 2013. Despite our decision not to participate, Canadian Business also conducted a “Reputation Ranking” by surveying HR professionals who selected Ivey as their top choice. The survey was completed by a third party, Compas Research. This is much like the QS Survey (see below) that focuses on recruiter evaluations.

See the "Reputation Ranking"

Read the full article

QS Global 200 (November 2012)

The QS Global 200 Business Schools Report sorts business schools into four categories in terms of their employer recognition: Elite Global; Emerging Global; Elite Regional; Emerging Regional. Ivey is included in the list of 39 Elite Global Schools. Within North America Ivey is ranked #12, and the #1 business school in Canada. Harvard and Kellogg top the list of North American schools.

The ratings provide a detailed overview of the most popular business schools around the world, based on details provided to QS by more than 3,300 employers who actively recruit MBA graduates. The report identifies a list of 200 business schools from which employers prefer to recruit MBAs. This list is compiled from an annual survey of human resources (HR) managers and line managers with recruiting responsibilities at companies around the world. Each year, employers recommend new schools to be added to the list. This is then sent to other recruiters to rate.

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EMBA Rankings

Businessweek (November 2011)

On November 8th, Bloomberg Businessweek released its 2011 ranking of the world's top executive MBA programs. Ivey was ranked 34th in the international ranking. Additionally, Ivey received an A+ on its report card for the students who are top executives category and an A in the student work experience category. Complete results are available on Businessweek's interactive table.

Financial Times (October 2013)

In the Financial Times (FT) 13th annual ranking of EMBA programs, Ivey was ranked 43rd in the world and 3rd in Canada. The Toronto-based EMBA program continues to hold the lead for average salary for graduates out of all Canadian schools.

More information available via the Financial Times.

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Executive Education Rankings

Financial Times (May 2013)

In the Financial Times annual ranking of Executive Education providers around the world, Ivey was ranked #1 overall in Canada for the 14th consecutive year and 23rd worldwide. Ivey Faculty, teaching methods, and facilities were all ranked first in Canada for Custom Programs. Ivey was also evaluated as best in Canada by Custom Programs participants for future use of their education, new skills and learning, and value for money. More information on Ivey's Executive Education rankings is available via the Financial Times.