Professor Emeritus, Operations Management


Dr. Sparling is a Professor Emeritus at the Ivey Business School. Before joining Ivey in 2009, David was an Associate Dean, in the College of Management and Economics at the University of Guelph, Canada and Executive Director of the Institute for Agri-Food Policy Innovation.  He was also a Senior Associate at the University of Melbourne and has taught at the Australian Graduate School of Management and McMaster University. David has been president of a farming company, a biotechnology start-up and an agri-business insurance company.


  • PhD
  • MBA
  • BSc, Biology

Selected Publications

  • Sparling, D. 2008 Building a new technology business: A framework for translating biotechnology experiences to nanotechnology. In What Can Nanotechnology Learn From Biotechnology? Academic Press. Pp. 175-178
  • Sparling, D., P. Laughland and V. Mitura 2009 The Canadian Bioproducts Industry 2003 and 2006. Statistics Canada Vista Series 21-004-XIE, Available at
  • Sparling, D. J. Cranfield, S. Henson and P. Laughland. 2006 The Canadian Bioproducts Development Survey - 2004: Analysis of Summary Results Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Invited
  • van Moorsel, D., J. Cranfield and D. Sparling. 2006 Factors Affecting Biotechnology Innovation in Canada: Analysis of the 2001 Biotechnology Use and Development Survey International Journal of Biotechnology 9:1 39-59.
  • Sparling, D. S. Henson, S. Dessureault and D. Herath Costs and Benefits Assessment of Traceability. Journal of Food Distribution Research, 37: 1, 2006.
  • Sparling, D. and J. Caswell 2005 Risking Market Integration without Regulatory Integration: The Case of NAFTA and BSE. Review of Agricultural Economics, 28:2, 212-228.
  • Sparling, D. and C. Turvey. 2003 Further Thoughts on EVA and Shareholder Returns, Invited paper, Agribusiness, 19: 2:255-267.
  • Numerous policy related publications at Institute for Agri-Food Policy Innovation.


  • David has been president of a farming company, a biotechnology start-up and an agri-business insurance company. David has consulted for a wide variety of government and industry organizations and is frequently featured in TV, radio and the press.

Research/Course Development

  • Policy and regulation in the agri-food and bio-economy industries.
  • Innovation in biotechnology and bioproducts. Value chains and traceability.