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Jean-Philippe Vergne

Assistant Professor, General Management


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Dr. Jean-Philippe Vergne ('JP') is an assistant professor at the Ivey Business School. Before joining Ivey in 2011, Jean-Philippe Vergne received a PhD in Strategy at HEC Paris, where he taught strategy and leadership in the graduate, executive MBA and executive education programs. In 2011, his dissertation received the inaugural Grigor McClelland Doctoral Dissertation Award as well as the Fondation HEC's Best Dissertation Award, both of which distinguish innovative scholarship in management and organization studies.


  • HBA: Strategy
  • HBA2: The Dark Side of Capitalism: Pirates, Mavericks, and Industry Renewal

Selected Publications

  • Durand, R. & Vergne JP. Asset divestment as a response to media attacks in stigmatized industries. Accepted at Strategic Management Journal  [here]
  • Vergne, JP, & T. Wry. 2014. Categorizing Categorization Research: Review, Integration, and Future Directions. Journal of Management Studies, 51(1): 56-94. [here]
  • Vergne, JP. 2013. Qwerty is dead, long live path dependence! Research Policy, 42: 1191-1194. [here]
  • Durand, R., & JP Vergne. 2013. The Pirate Organization: Lessons from the Fringes of Capitalism. Cambridge (MA): Harvard Business Review Press. [here]
  • Vergne, JP. 2012. Stigmatized categories and public disapproval of organizations: A mixed methods study of the global arms industry (1996-2007). Academy of Management Journal, 55(5):1027-1052. [here].
  • Vergne, JP. 2011. Toward a new measure of organizational legitimacy: Method, validation, and illustration, Organizational Research Methods, 14(3): 484-502. [here]
  • Vergne, JP., & R. Durand. 2011. The path of most persistence: an evolutionary perspective on path dependence and dynamic capabilities, Organization Studies, 32(3): 365-382. [here]
  • Vergne, JP., & R. Durand. 2010. The missing link between the theory and empirics of path dependence: Conceptual clarification, testability issue, methodological implications, Journal of Management Studies, 47: 736-759. [here]

Research/Course Development

  • My research examines how socially contested and/or illegal organizations affect the birth, death and renewal of industries operating at the vanguard of capitalist economies.

Work In Progress

Honours & Awards


  • Assistant Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble
  • Strategy Consultant, H2C New Ventures
  • Strategy Consultant, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Assistant Account Manager, JAPA Advertising



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