Associate Professor, General Management


Mark J. Zbaracki is an Associate Professor in General Management at the Ivey Business School. He joined the Ivey Faculty in 2008. He has had previous faculty appointments at the Stern School of New York University, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago. He teaches courses at the undergraduate, graduate and executive level on strategy implementation in organizations. 

His research addresses how organizations implement management practices, including Total Quality Management, supply chain management, and strategic pricing initiatives. His research has been published in several top management journals and economics, including Sloan Management Review, the European Management Journal, the Strategic Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, and the Review of Economics and Statistics. He has studied implementation problems across a variety of organizational settings, including defence contracting, electronics manufacturing, industrial parts manufacturing, health care, government, and service. He also has nine years work experience developing and implementing production systems for disk drives at IBM-Rochester, IBM's Malcolm Baldrige award-winning site.


  • Strategic Analysis and Action (HBA)
  • Cross-Disciplinary Research (PhD)


  • PhD Stanford University
  • MS Stanford University
  • BS Iowa State University
  • BA Iowa State University

Selected Publications

  • Zbaracki, Mark J., and Mark Bergen, 2010, "When Truces Collapse: A longitudinal study of price adjustment routines," Organization Science 21(5): 955-972.
  • Zbaracki, Mark J., 2007, "A sociological view of costs of price adjustment: Contributions from grounded theory methods," Managerial and Decision Economics 28: 553-567.
  • Zbaracki, Mark J., 2006, "Success, Failure, and 'The Race of Truth,'" Journal of Management Inquiry 15(3): 336-339.
  • Zbaracki, Mark J., and Mark Ritson, Daniel Levy, Shantanu Dutta, Mark Bergen, 2004, "Managerial and Customer Dimensions of the Costs of Price Adjustment: Direct Evidence From Industrial Markets," Review of Economics and Statistics 86(2):514-533.
  • Ritson, Mark, Mark Bergen, Shantanu Dutta, Daniel Levy and Mark J. Zbaracki, 2003, "Shattering the Myth of Costless Price Changes," European Management Journal 21 (6):663-669.
  • Dutta, Shantanu, Mark J. Zbaracki, and Mark Bergen, 2003, "Pricing Process as a Capability: A Resource Based Perspective," Strategic Management Journal 24(7): 615-630.
  • Dutta, Shantanu, Mark Bergen, Daniel Levy, and Mark J. Zbaracki, 2002, "Pricing as a Strategic Capability," Sloan Management Review 43(3): 61-66. Also published as "A fixação do preço como capacidade estratégica," in Revista Portuguesa e Brasileira de Gestão, Abril/Junho, 2002: 8-15. Also as "Pricing als strategische ressource," in GDI_Impuls 1.03, 2003: 16-22.
  • Zbaracki, Mark J., 1998, "The Rhetoric and Reality of Total Quality Management," Administration Science Quarterly 43: 602-636. Winner of the "Administration Science Quarterly Award for Scholarly Contribution" as the best paper published in 1998. Published in Chinese in Collection of the Administrative Science Quarterly Award-Winning Papers, Peking University Press, 2005.
  • Eisenhardt, K., and Zbaracki, Mark J., 1992, "Strategic Decision Making," Strategic Management Journal13: 17-37.