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Tima Bansal

Tima Bansal

Professor, General Management


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Dr. Bansal is a professor at the Ivey Business School. She is also the Director of the Cross-Enterprise Leadership Centre on Building Sustainable Value, and the Executive Director for the Network for Business Sustainability. Both the Centre and the Network aim to strengthen the ties between research and practice. In 2008, she was awarded the Aspen's Institute title of Faculty Pioneer for Academic Leadership and the Western University's title of Faculty Scholar.

Her research interests are primarily in the areas of sustainable development and international business. Her research has been published in the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, and the Journal of International Business Studies, among others. She has co-edited four books, including three in the field of management, and one titled Business and the Natural Environment. Her research has also been cited in the popular press including The Wall Street Journal, The National Post, Globe and Mail and The Independent. She was an Associate Editor of the Academy of Management Journal from 2010 to 2013 and has previously sat on eight editorial boards. Since 1999, she has successfully raised over $5million in government grants and $2M in corporate funding for sustainability-related research.

Professor Bansal directs Ivey's Sustainability Leadership Program since 2011, and had directed Ivey's Management Development Program from 2008 to 2010. During her time at Ivey, she has co-authored 23 teaching case studies.


  • HBA, MBA, Exec, PhD: Strategy
  • HBA, MBA, MES, PhD: Sustainability
  • HBA, MBA, EMBA: International Management

Selected Publications

  • Natalie Slawinski and Pratima Bansal (forthcoming), Short on Time: Interemporal Tensions in Business Sustainability. Organization Science
  • Pratima Bansal, Jijun Gao, and Israr Qureshi (forthcoming), The Extensiveness of Corporate Social and Environmental Commitment across Firms over Time, Organization Studies.
  • Pratima Bansal and Janelle Kallie Knox-Hayes (2013), The Time and Space of Materiality in Organizations and the Environment. Organization and Environment, 26(1): 61-82.
  • Natalie Slawinski and Pratima Bansal (2012), A matter of time: Temporal perspectives in organizational responses to climate change. Organization Studies, 33 (11): 1537-1563.
  • Taiyuan Wang and Pratima Bansal (2012) Social Responsibility in New Ventures: Profiting from a Long-Term Orientation. Strategic Management Journal. 33: 1135–1153.
  • Maurer, C., Bansal, P., & Crossan, M. (2011), Creating Economic Value through Social Values: Introducing a Culturally Informed Resource-Based View. Organization Science, 22(2): 432-448.
  • Pratima Bansal, Andrew J. Hoffman (2012), Business and the Natural Environment, Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK.
  • Pratima (Tima) Bansal and Kevin Corley (2011), From the Editors: The Coming of Age for Qualitative Research: Embracing the Diversity of Qualitative Methods, Academy of Management Journal, 54 (2): 233-237.
  • Pratima Bansal (2011), Book Review: Business and Public Policy: Responses to Environmental and Social Protection Processes by Jorge E. Rivera, Administrative Science Quarterly, 56: 474-476.


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