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The Ivey Accelerated MBA Degree

Next Application Deadline: September 26, 2016
Program starts: July 4, 2017

As a recent Ivey HBA graduate, you have the opportunity to expand your career options by earning an Ivey MBA degree in only eight months, and for significantly less cost than other MBA programs and those coming to the School for the first time. The Accelerated MBA Program (AMBA) recognizes the strong foundation of knowledge that you acquired in HBA, and allows you to build on these business and leadership skills at the MBA level.

What’s Included

  • A world-class learning experience with curriculum that builds upon your strong foundation of business skills
  • A new and diverse group of classmates from around the globe
  • Incredible value and return on investment in an eight-month program that gets you back into the workforce quickly
  • Integrated Career Management and recruiting activities built into the program
  • International Learning Opportunities like the Elective Study Trip and LEADER
  • Opportunity to complete a major Research Project on a topic of your choice
  • Networking opportunities with other HBA grads and MBAs through integrated classes and program events

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AMBA Program Curriculum 

2015-2016 AMBA Program