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Respecting the School's rich 90-year history while projecting a vibrant future, the Richard Ivey Building is home to over 2,000 students, faculty and staff. The new building reunites HBA, MBA, MSc and PhD programs in one attractive and jewel-like structure that finds its architectural inspiration in a geological structure called a geode. Like a geode, the new building fits in perfectly with its surroundings through its trademark stone exterior, but as you'll see, the inside exudes an exceptional creativity and quiet confidence that is a trademark of the Ivey Business School.

Discover the building's highlights by watching the Construction Time Lapse


The Richard Ivey Building is highlighted by the following spaces

  • BMO Financial Group Auditorium (640 seats)
  • Love Family Quadrangle
  • Brock Dining Pavilion
  • C.B. "Bud" Johnson Library
  • J.J. Wettlaufer Dean's Suite


Main Level:

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The ground floor plan is organized around a garden quadrangle, lined with a necklace of study rooms and open meeting areas, interlaced with views to the court. Case classrooms occupy the outer edge, their entries framed by additional breakout rooms. The east wing contains the main entry and the Grand Hall, flanked by coffee, the dining pavilion and the large auditorium.


BMO Financial Group Auditorium:

Auditorium Thumb

The Auditorium seats up to 640 people and features the latest in video-conferencing technology. With a massive 300-inch stadium-style screen featuring special light absorbing material for a sharo, clear picture even with the house lights on, the Auditorium is perfect for milestone special occasions and high-profile speakers.



Grand Hall:

Atrium -thumb

The Grand Hall is a three-storey space framed by a monolithic fireplace and glass doors which open to the Love Family Quadrangle. The curving balustrades on the second and third floors offer exceptional views of events taking place on the ground floor and also provide impromptu meeting space for students, faculty and staff. In total the Grand Hall can accommodate approximately 1,500 people.



Love Family Quadrangle:

Gardenquadrangle -thumb

Carefully proportioned, similar in dimension to some of the world's great academic quads, Ivey's garden quadrangle brings light and life to the centre of the building, and a clear sense of orientation to the School's circulation. Designed to accommodate big ceremonies and receptions, tall transparent doors open to make it an accessible and animated gathering space.



Case Classroom:

Case -class -thumb

Designed for active conversation rather than traditional lecturing, the case classrooms are the foundation of Ivey's case-based education model. Every class has natural light and views out, fundamental to a learning space being humane and inspiring.



Brock Dining Pavilion:

Diningpavilion -thumb

The Brock Pavilion is a bright, inviting space to gather with classmates over great food featuring local ingredients, pizza straight from the oven, and executive-class coffee and beverages all prepared fresh daily by our own chef. It's a social space that can hold approximately 260 people at any one time and features a full Starbucks just off the Pavilion.



C.B. "Bud" Johnston Library:

Library -thumb

The library overlooks the verdant Western Green. This two-storey pavilion faces a grove of trees, an inspired place for quiet study. Within the library itself, the quietest spaces occur on the mezzanine (shown upper left), the more active spaces at the lower level.



Second Level:

The Second Level houses additional teaching areas as well as offices. The Third Level is dedicated to special meeting rooms, classrooms, the Dean's Suite, and more offices. The Lower Level houses the more informal gathering spaces, including the student cafeteria and the lower level of the two storey auditorium.



Richard Ivey Building Information Booklet

Ivey Digital Tour

Take a tour through the Richard Ivey Building online or in person using a QR code scanner on your mobile phone (such as Scan) to learn more about the facts and features of our new home. There are 15 stations in total, can you scan them all?

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Richard Ivey Building Construction Time Lapse

September 9, 2013


Spring 2013 Update

April 3, 2013