J.P. Vergne

Expertise: Strategy, Disruption, Fintech, Blockchain Technology, Piracy, Organization Theory

J.P.  Vergne

Jean-Philippe Vergne is an Associate Professor in the General Management Department at the Ivey Business School with a focus in organization theory and strategy. A native of France, J.P. earned a PhD in Strategy from HEC Paris before moving to Canada in 2011.

J.P.’s research examines how socially contested and/or illegal organizations affect the birth, death, and renewal of industries operating at the vanguard of capitalist economies. He seeks to understand how and why technological and social innovations often find their source in the grey areas of society. On this topic, J.P. published a book in 2013 entitled The Pirate Organization: Lessons from the Fringes of Capitalism (Harvard Business Review Press, co-authored with R. Durand).

As director of the Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab and founding coordinator of the CryptoEconomics Lab, J.P. coordinates an ongoing research program on blockchain technology and fintech.

J.P. teaches about strategy and industry disruption within the Ivey undergraduate, graduate, and MBA programs. At The Ivey Academy, J.P. has delivered executive education programs for the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board; the Central Bank of Bahrain; Innovation, Science, and Industry Canada; and Rotterdam School of Management.