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Shawn Vording

Shawn Vording, Vice President, Sales at CARFAX Canada, discusses how the Ivey Executive Program (2019) pushed him to experience profound leadership realizations.

What led you to take the Ivey Executive Program (IEP)?
I am an advocate of continuous learning and encourage a culture as such. For me, the time was right to challenge myself to expand and polish my skills as an executive.  I limited my search of programs to North America and The Ivey Academy provided the most subversive, well-rounded program and the creditability that I was looking for.

What surprised you most about the program?
I had high expectations around the quality of the learning, however, the quality of the total offering exceeded my expectations. The expertise and facilitation of the content by the (faculty team) made it impossible to not be engaged. The peer group in the program and their experience and support significantly enhanced the program content, and the organization, pace, and diversity of topics was exceptional.

What were your biggest takeaways?
I had some profound realizations and subsequent learnings as it relates to both executive presence and leadership. These learnings progressed throughout the program. The combination of lecture, case learning, 360° surveys, and out-of-classroom experiences reinforced them. The impact of these realizations was not just a moment, they have become top-of-mind and my focus on improvement has become aspirational

How has IEP enhanced your skills as a leader?
IEP has enhanced my skill in multiple areas. The curriculum and experience is comprehensive and well-rounded. Certain modules like finance and executive presence created multiple "a-ha!" moments. Other modules like marketing, entrepreneurial thinking, strategy, and leadership development challenged and pushed me to rethink my status quo.  

How would you describe the program’s impact?
This program has impacted the way that I think, behave, and present myself at work. It has also allowed me to share my learnings throughout the organization and promote the importance of continuous learning. The program has made me more self-aware, motivated to be an exceptional leader, and to appreciate the value of a diverse network of peers.

Have you found peers that you can continue to use as sounding boards, referrals, and lifelong friends?
Yes, there are multiple individuals within the program that genuinely cared and provided both curiosity, challenge, and a sounding board for things I was thinking about and working on. We are all committed to using each other going forward as a neutral colleague and support network.


For more information on the Ivey Executive Program, please download a program brochure.


About The Ivey Academy at Ivey Business School
The Ivey Academy at Ivey Business School is the home for executive Learning and Development (L&D) in Canada. It is Canada’s only full-service L&D house, blending Financial Times top-ranked university-based executive education with talent assessment, instructional design and strategy, and behaviour change sustainment. 

Rooted in Ivey Business School’s real-world leadership approach, The Ivey Academy is a place where professionals come to get better, to break old habits and establish new ones, to practice, to change, to obtain coaching and support, and to join a powerful peer network. Follow The Ivey Academy on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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