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Lachapelle, Adam

Adam Lachapelle, Property Manager at Coniston Industrial Park, shares how the Ivey Emerging Leaders Program gave him the practical experience to perform at his best when facing challenges as a first-time manager.

What led you to take the Emerging Leaders Program?
My employer suggested taking a course at Ivey. At first glance at the Emerging Leaders Program brochure, I knew it was the program I wanted to take because it covered a wide range of topics related to my roles and responsibilities.

How did the program compare to your expectations?
The program definitely exceeded my expectations. I was told by (Ivey Academy) alumni members that the style of teaching was different. After completing the program, I believe it to be the best teaching style I have encountered.

How did the curriculum prepare you for the challenges you face at work?
The curriculum prepared me by putting me in real life scenarios that I would face in my role. This gave me the practical experience to perform at my best when facing challenges.

What was the highlight of the program?
The highlight of the program was the incredible networking with other professionals and receiving their feedback on everyday challenges.

How will you approach your current role differently as a result of the program?
As a result of the program, I reflect back a lot on the teachings I learned. I also often find myself reviewing the course content frequently to recall techniques to apply in my daily responsibilities.

Have you found peers that you can continue to use as sounding boards, referrals and lifelong friends?
I have met such incredible talent and professionals in the program that I do keep in touch with them to bounce situations off of them and receive their feedback/criticisms.

Would you recommend the program to a colleague or friend?
I would highly recommend the program.

For more information on the Ivey Emerging Leaders Program, please download a program brochure.


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