The Ivey Academy and Isobar launch design thinking program

The Ivey Academy and Isobar Canada are pleased to announce the launch of an executive education program that equips leaders with the latest human-centred framework for creating innovative ideas and solving problems.

“Business leaders are tasked more and more with improving the customer experience, initiating this kind of change momentum is more important than ever,” said Mark Healy, Executive Director, The Ivey Academy.

“While many programs in the market focus on the theoretical side of design thinking, we’ve been able to draw on Isobar’s real-world expertise and apply it to the program learning outcomes,” Healy added.

Design thinking is a creative method for uncovering previously unknown customer needs or problems. Rigorous experimentation is utilized to sift through the many possible solutions that are produced by rapid ideation. Following the prototyping process, the best ideas are combined to generate an execution-ready product or service. Nike, Apple, Airbnb, and Starbucks are all organizations that have experienced success by employing the design thinking method.

“At Isobar our idea-centric focus is enhanced with real life data to draw on customer insights and develop culturally relevant messages that result in sustainable ROI for brands,” said Jeff Greenspoon, CEO of Isobar Canada.

“For us, evolving this thinking into a defined innovation process is a clear and focused way to articulate the engine that helps bring smart ideas to life.”

In addition to studying relevant case studies and scenarios, Ivey’s hands-on, experiential learning approach will coordinate participants into a series of teams. Each team will identify a technology that can be transformed into a market opportunity. Then, by employing the ideation process that participants have learned in class, each team will prototype viable solutions for a true Design Thinking experience.

The next session of Design Thinking: Driving Innovation will be delivered at the Ivey Tangerine Leadership Centre, a state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of Toronto’s Financial District. For more information, download the Design Thinking: Driving Innovation program brochure


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