Learning & Development (L&D) Advisory and Instructional Design Services

Succession and future-proofing are top priorities for organizations today. Your organization and employees need to be prepared to meet current and long-term objectives.

The goal of Learning & Development (L&D) is to create a high performing, succession-ready organization. The Ivey Academy’s L&D programs can help you prepare employees for their current roles and develop their capabilities for future responsibilities.

Whether you want to build an effective L&D program from the ground up, or improve your organization’s existing L&D strategy, we’ll work with your needs. Whatever they are.

Services offered:

  • Assessment and analysis of your organization’s specific needs
  • Central L&D strategy development that translates learning into organizational performance
  • Design of a deliberate organizational culture
  • Definition of organizational values
  • Design of leadership profiles: the fundamental attributes a leader in your organization must have
  • Identification and development of high potential employees using the Nine-Box Matrix tool
  • Competency mapping: identifying key competencies employees must have for the organization to succeed
  • Assessment solutions to help identify strengths and areas of opportunity for the development of employees
  • Succession planning: creating a leadership “bench” to ensure a pool of leadership talent is ready to step up and assume roles when required
  • Career development program design methods, including coaching, sponsoring/mentoring, assessments, job rotations, and action learning projects
  • Evaluation of L&D initiatives’ impact

Instructional Design Services

The key to great organizational performance is effective learning and thoughtful instructional design.

Designing a strong development program that is efficient, effective, and appealing to employees, while resulting in sustained organizational performance is not a simple task. Because every organization is unique, development programs need to be mapped back to strategy and take into account talent gaps and desired behaviour change.

The Ivey Academy can help you with your talent development goals. Created in alignment with your organization’s mission, vision, values, strategy, and leadership competencies, our instructional design services focus on building development programs that drive behaviour change. Not only will our instructional design close the skill gaps in your talent pool, your employees will exhibit the behaviours you need to rapidly execute strategy and reach performance objectives.

There are six steps in The Ivey Academy’s instructional design process:

  1. Analyze organizational needs.
  2. Listen and develop vision.
  3. Identify learning objectives and metrics.
  4. Thoughtful assessment, program and sustainment design.
  5. Support implementation.
  6. Evaluate.

To learn how The Ivey Academy can help your organization meet its L&D objectives, contact Andrew Wright, Director, Executive Education Programs, at awright@ivey.ca or 519-675-5509