Virtual Executive Programs

To best serve our clients in this time of disruption, The Ivey Academy will continue to deliver industry-leading executive development virtually.

During responsible distancing, we have shifted to virtual delivery for live online groups. Combining our deep expertise in learning design with a range of secure conferencing technologies, we continue to offer interactive sessions on leadership, strategic planning, applied data, communication, finance, design thinking, and more. Leading Ivey faculty join you live from around the world – using our virtual classroom to deliver impactful learning.

We are proud to work with leading organizations in business and government around the world. The Academy is ranked Canada's #1 for executive education by Financial Times.

Bring your teams together online with live virtual learning. We co-create content in partnership with you — to support your strategy and vision.

Virtual Leadership Modules

How to Develop High-Performing Teams

A series of simulated challenges test your leadership in frigid, isolated northern Canada. Participants prioritize which items to rescue from a downed plane and are then scored against advice given by real survival experts. Will your group's problem-solving skills help you beat the elements, or jeopardize your very survival? Identify best practices and success factors in team structure. Learn how to build consensus, reach decisions, resolve conflict, and speed up team learning.

High Velocity Decision Making

Explore an insurance company’s attempt to compete with themselves using a skunkworks organization. Many in the company are resisting this decision – moving forward requires collaborative problem solving and enterprise-level thinking at its most demanding. In fast paced business environments where speed, agility and innovation are key success factors, siloed thinking is deadly. This session gives a real-world context for participants to collaborate on high stakes strategic decisions.

Leadership for Exponential Times

Past approaches for developing and executing strategy may not be enough to meet the challenges of unprecedented disruption to come. Organizations are forced to reimagine their definitions of leadership – from skills and knowledge to versatility and resilience. This module highlights critical methods of thinking about opportunity in chaos, offering an exploration of the organizational and individual transformations required to sustain growth.

Virtual Communication Modules

Safe Spaces: Engaging in Times of Fear

While organizations slip into survival mode, challenging issues and what some even call “taboo topics” have seemingly fallen off the radar. Work-life balance, concerns about the impact of domestic abuse, financial worries, relationship challenges, mental health issues – all are no less prevalent, just less visible. As a leader your ability to create safe spaces, especially in a time of fear, starts with yourself. This module provides an opportunity to practice critical facilitation skills in real virtual conversations.

Creating Your Personal Elevator Speech

In this session, participants are introduced to the components of a highly effective Elevator Pitch and will have an opportunity to develop and present one in the session. The entire group will start with a discussion on the what, why, and how of effective pitches, then shift to small-group virtual breakout rooms to craft individual pitches. Back in the full group session, participants present and receive feedback from faculty and award-winning actor Alexandra Kane. We focus the session on presenting in virtual space – an increasingly vital skill!

Value-Creating Negotiations

Negotiation is the art and science of securing agreements that maximize outcomes. We negotiate all the time, even if we don’t realize it – because we often accomplish things only with the cooperation of others. Anyone and everyone can be a good negotiator. It is a skill that can be learned. In this session we focus on creating value for all parties by understanding how to plan for a successful negotiation and identifying the behaviours of successful negotiators.

Virtual Finance Modules

Understanding the Basics of Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is the language of business and the financial statements – Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows – all tell the story of the business from a different perspective. Using a very straightforward business start-up idea, this session will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the key financial statements and the basic “principles” behind those statements.

Long-term investments: The Business Case approach

Investing in long term capital is a significant decision for a business. Understanding how to build a comprehensive business case to support a request for an investment is key. This session will walk you through the various components of that business case, from understanding the annual cash flows, using tools (Present value, Internal Rate of Return) to evaluate those cash flows, and considering other qualitative factors.

Cost of capital, and the impact on decision making

An introduction to the relevance and calculation of the weighted average cost of capital (WACC). What are the components of the cost of capital? What causes it to increase or decrease? How does financial leverage impact WACC? How does it impact decisions for acquiring long-term assets? Learning to speak the essential languages of finance will benefit executive leaders at all levels.

Virtual Strategy Modules

Strategic and Operational Future-Proofing

Learn to identify and implement strategic, tactical, and operational changes in a post-crisis world, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to future-proof your organization. Explore the accelerating ‘digital imperative’ and the potential for social analytics to help in recovering customers, acquiring new customers, and listening to your customers needs.

Managing Risk in Unprecedented Scenarios

This module introduces some of the basic concepts behind risk management in organizations of all types. We include discussions on COVID-19, Brexit, Black Swans, trade wars, and other increasingly frequent “once-in-a-lifetime” events. Explore the idea of risk versus uncertainty, discuss different types of risk, and develop basic frameworks to model risk. Finish with a set of best practices for mitigating, avoiding, and embracing risk.

Analytics as a Strategic Advantage

Volumes of data, collected constantly, hold key insights for business leaders — but what are the right questions to ask? How do you interface with data scientists, marketers, and product designers as they interpret and communicate raw information back from the market? Senior leaders need to understand how to organize around data. Structuring teams, hiring for critical capabilities, encouraging an aligned culture — all influence how effectively your organization will turn data insights into action.

Financial Times Executive Education Rankings

In the Financial Times rankings of the world’s leading providers of customized and open-enrolment executive education programs, The Ivey Academy has been ranked #1 overall in Canada for 18 of the past 20 years. 

The rankings, based primarily on ratings provided by students and companies which have participated in the courses, include assessments of course design, faculty, teaching methods and facilities.

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