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Learning Proposals

Thought leadership at the intersection of accounting practice and accounting policy.

Call for case writing, curriculum development and teaching proposals (grants up to a maximum of $6,000)

Centre objectives:

  • Foster accounting research relevant to management
  • Develop innovative pedagogy
  • Bring thought leadership to students in Ivey programs
  • Strengthen the research and teaching of accounting faculty


The purpose of Centre case writing, curriculum development and teaching grants is to fund activities that will benefit Ivey Business School students.  Funding may be provided for the development of cases or other materials (such as technical notes or readings) that will be used in Ivey’s academic programs.  Funding may be provided for the development of curriculum such as new elective courses or changes to existing courses.  Proposals are welcome for teaching grants to fund guest speakers, special events, class trips or teaching innovations that benefit Ivey students.

Proposal requirements:

To permit assessment of your proposal, please provide the following information:

  • A brief summary of the proposal (maximum of 1 page) that includes the anticipated use of any developed materials and the benefits for Ivey students
  • Budget – with justification for each significant cost
  • Proposed timing for development of materials (if relevant)
  • Proposed timing for teaching-related activity (if relevant)

Eligible costs:

Costs that can be covered include the following:

  • Payment for case writers
  • Transportation and meal costs to support case writing activities
  • Payment for writers of technical notes or readings
  • Payment for expert input into the development of new courses or changes to existing courses
  • Transportation, meal costs and honoraria (if applicable) for guest speakers
  • Student and faculty transportation and meal costs for off-site class trips or special events
  • Purchase or term license for technology that facilitates teaching innovation
  • Transportation, registration fees and meal costs for disseminating teaching innovations

Proposal approval:

All funded projects will be approved by the Centre’s advisory board after a review of the proposal.  Proposals will typically be evaluated within 30 days of receipt.

Project reporting:

Successful applicants are expected to provide a project status update as requested by the Centre Director.  Copies of published cases, technical notes or readings should be provided to the Centre Director.

Payment of funds:

In most cases, payment for approved expenses will be made directly by the Centre consistent with the approved funding and upon receipt of appropriate documentation.  Payments made will be consistent with the norms of the Ivey Business School.  For example, ad hoc case writers will receive a payment of $3,000 once the case and related teaching note is published.  Significant deviations from the approved budget must be approved by the Centre Director.


The researcher will provide an acknowledgement for the Centre in any published works stemming from the research grant.

Project completion:

Successful applicants should undertake to complete the project that was described in the proposal.  In the event of exceptional circumstances that prevent continued work on the project, the applicant should contact the Centre Director to discuss the need to return some or all of the approved funds.  Once the project is complete, the applicant should contact the Centre Director to determine if any unspent funds should be returned to the Centre or reallocated to other projects.