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  • S Salter, David Sharp, Yasheng Chen, 2013, "The Moderating Effects of National Culture on Escalation of Commitment" Advances in Accounting
  • Alison Konrad, Vaughan Radcliffe, D Shin, 2016, "Participation in helping networks as social capital mobilization: Impact on influence for domestic men, domestic women, and international MBA students." Academy of Management Learning & Education
  • Martin Persson, C Napier, 2015, "R. J. Chambers and the AICPA’s Postulates and Principles Controversy: A Case of Vicarious Action" Accounting Historian's Journal
  • Martin Persson, Vaughan Radcliffe, Mitchell Stein, 2015, "Alvin R. Jennings: Managing Partner, Policy-Maker, & Institute President" Accounting Historian's Journal
  • R Fleischman, Vaughan Radcliffe, 2005, "The Roaring Nineties: Accounting History Comes of Age" Accounting Historian's Journal
  • Vaughan Radcliffe, C Spence, Mitchell Stein, 2017, "The Impotence of Accountability: The Relationship between Greater Transparency and Corporate Reform" Contemporary Accounting Research
  • Vaughan Radcliffe, 2006, "'It's Oysters, Dear' Professor Carnegie's Prescription and the Seeming Fate of Accounting History in the United States" Accounting Historian's Journal
  • C Free, Vaughan Radcliffe, B White, 2013, "Crisis, Committees and Consultants: The Rise of Value-For-Money Auditing in the Federal Public Sector in Canada" Journal of Business Ethics
  • Vaughan Radcliffe, 2012, "The Election of Auditors in Government: A Study of Politics and the Professional" Accounting and the Public Interest
  • S Zeff, Vaughan Radcliffe, 2010, "The Ontario Securities Commission on Accounting and Auditing from the 1960s to 2008 - Part 1: 1960s to 1985" Accounting Perspectives
  • T Fogarty, Vaughan Radcliffe, D Campbell, 2006, "Accountancy Before the Fall: The AICPA Vision Project & Related Professional Enterprises" Accounting Organizations and Society
  • S Zeff, Vaughan Radcliffe, 2010, "The Ontario Securities Commission on Accounting and Auditing from the 1960s to 2008 Part 2: The First Four Chief Accountants 1986 1996" Accounting Perspectives
  • Vaughan Radcliffe, 2010, "(Discussion of) 'The World has Changed, Have Analytical Procedure Practices?'" Contemporary Accounting Research
  • P Martin, T Mezon, T Forrestal, R Labelle, Vaughan Radcliffe, J Gaa, 2008, "International Financial Reporting Standards are Coming: Are You Ready?" Accounting Perspectives
  • Vaughan Radcliffe, 2011, "Public Secrecy in Government Auditing Revisited" Critical Perspectives on Accounting
  • Mitchell Stein, 2008, "Beyond the boardroom: governmental perspectives on corporate governance" Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal
  • C Free, Vaughan Radcliffe, 2009, "Accountability in Crisis: The Sponsorship Scandal and the Office of the Comptroller General in Canada" Journal of Business Ethics
  • Vaughan Radcliffe, 2008, "Accounting, Accountants and Accountability: Poststructuralist Positions' (Norman Belding Macintosh), Book Review" Accounting Review
  • H Casabe, Vaughan Radcliffe, 2008, "Learning from Argentina's Greatest Fiscal Crisis" Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management
  • Vaughan Radcliffe, 2008, "What Government Auditors Cannot Know: A Study of Public Secrecy in the Audit of the Cleveland City Schools" Critical Perspectives on Accounting
  • Mitchell Stein, 2010, "Every old scam becomes new again" Bottom Line, The
  • Mitchell Stein, 2010, "Rules cannot account for aberrant behaviour" Financial Times
  • Vaughan Radcliffe, 2010, "Good Governance Applies to Parliament Too" Financial Post
  • Mary Gillett, 2010, "How Can Analyzing Financial Statements Pay Off For You?" Country Guide Magazine
  • Murray Bryant, 2010, "The Language of Business" Financial Post