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  • Martin Persson, Vaughan Radcliffe, Mitchell Stein, 2018, "Elmer G. Beamer and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants: The Pursuit of a Cognitive Standard for the Accounting Profession" Accounting History
  • Martin Persson, Christopher Napier, 2018, "R. J. Chambers on Securities and Obscurities: Making a Case for the Reform of the Law of Company Accounts in the 1970s" Abacus
  • Diane-Laure Arjalies, D. Gibassier, M. Rodrigue, 2018, "“Integrated Reporting, It’s like God, No One Met Him but Everybody Talks about Him”: The Power of Myths in the Adoption of Management Innovations" Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal
  • Tima Bansal, Diane-Laure Arjalies, 2018, "Beyond numbers: How investment managers accommodate societal issues in financial decisions" Organization Studies
  • Mitchell Stein, Salterio, Shearer, 2017, ""Transparency" in Accounting and Corporate Governance: Making Sense of Multiple Meanings" Accounting and the Public Interest
  • Vaughan Radcliffe, Crawford Spence, Mitchell Stein, 2017, "The Impotence of Accountability: The Relationship between Greater Transparency and Corporate Reform" Contemporary Accounting Research
  • Martin Persson, 2016, "A. C. Littleton’s Final Thoughts on Accounting: A Collection of Unpublished Essays" London: Emerald Group Publishing
  • Alison Konrad, Vaughan Radcliffe, Duckjung Shin, 2016, "Participation in helping networks as social capital mobilization: Impact on influence for domestic men, domestic women, and international MBA students." Academy of Management Learning & Education
  • Diane-Laure Arjalies, D. Gibassier, M. Rodrigue, 2016, "From Share Value to Shared Value: Exploring the Role of Accountants in Developing Integrated Reporting in Practice" Institute of Management Accountants and (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
  • Martin Persson, Christopher Napier, 2015, "R. J. Chambers and the AICPA’s Postulates and Principles Controversy: A Case of Vicarious Action" Accounting Historian's Journal
  • Vaughan Radcliffe, Martin Persson, Mitchell Stein, 2015, "Alvin R. Jennings: Managing Partner, Policy-Maker, & Institute President" Accounting Historian's Journal
  • Martin Persson, Christopher Napier, 2014, "The Australian Accounting Academic in the 1950s: R. J. Chambers and Networks of Accounting Research" Meditari Accountancy Research
  • Vaughan Radcliffe, Sally Gunz, Stephen Zeff, 2014, "Accounting and Auditing Activities of the Ontario Securities Commission, 1960s to 2008: The Role and Performance of the First Five Chief Accountants - Part 3: The Fifth Chief Accountant, 1996-2008" Accounting Perspectives
  • Steve Foerster, Stephen Sapp, Yaqi Shi, 2014, "The Effect of Voluntary Disclosure on Firm Risk and Firm Value: Evidence from Management Earnings Forecasts" Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting
  • Yaqi Shi, Michel Magnan, Jeong-Bon Kim, 2014, "Voluntary Disclosure, Legal Institutions and Firm Valuation: Evidence from U.S. Cross-Listed Foreign Firms" Journal of International Accounting Research
  • Matthew Sooy, Brown, Joe Fisher, Geoff Sprinkle, 2014, "The Effect of Rankings on Honesty in Budget Reporting" Accounting Organizations and Society
  • Darren Henderson, David Fraser, 2014, "Why Canada Should Adopt Mandatory Say-on-Pay" Ivey Business Journal Online
  • David Sharp, Stephen Salter, Yvonne Chen, 2013, "The Moderating Effects of National Culture on Escalation of Commitment" Advances in Accounting
  • Clinton Free, Vaughan Radcliffe, Brent White, 2013, "Crisis, Committees and Consultants: The Rise of Value-For-Money Auditing in the Federal Public Sector in Canada" Journal of Business Ethics
  • Vaughan Radcliffe, 2012, "The Election of Auditors in Government: A Study of Politics and the Professional" Accounting and the Public Interest
  • Michel Magnan, Jeong-Bon Kim, Yaqi Shi, 2012, "Do Countries Matter for Voluntary Disclosure? Evidence from Cross-listed Firms in the U.S." Journal of International Business Studies
  • Christine Wiedman, Darren Henderson, 2011, "The Transition to IFRS: Erasing Pension Losses" Ivey Business Journal Online
  • Vaughan Radcliffe, 2011, "Public Secrecy in Government Auditing Revisited" Critical Perspectives on Accounting
  • Kim, Yaqi Shi, 2011, "Voluntary Disclosure and the Cost of Capital: Evidence from Management Earnings Forecasts" Journal of Accounting and Public Policy
  • Christine Wiedman, Darren Henderson, 2011, "Will Changes Bring Transparency?" CA Magazine