Portrait of Connie Clerici

QS '08

Chief Executive Officer, Closing the Gap Healthcare Group

Connie Clerici is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nursing. Connie is the passionate founder of Closing the Gap Healthcare, an award-winning, learning organization that is continuously growing and innovating. Currently, Closing the Gap’s over 2000 healthcare professionals provide a continuum of professional services that includes Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology, Social Work, Personal Support and Dietetics, as well as future care cost consulting services.

Connie’s passion is to help those most in need in society, and to accept full accountability for doing so. She requires that ethics and compassion accompany sound business practices to ensure that Closing the Gap Healthcare consistently provides healthcare services of an exceptionally high quality. Connie actively embraces change, while making a concerted effort to build and support a high-quality, publicly-funded healthcare system that is sustainable for Canadians.

Connie is a life-long learner, having participated in extensive training in leadership and business at a variety of institutions including Ivey, Rotman, Shulich, McMaster and York Universities. She also regularly participates in values-based training programs. Connie currently sits as a board member or advisor at both the Ivey Business School and Ivey’s Pierre Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship, as well as Medical Confidence, Cloud DX and Trans Research Labs. She was recently appointed as an Adjunct Lecturer, University of Toronto Institute Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, 2015.

Connie’s contributions to health care, entrepreneurship and the business community have been acknowledged through numerous awards, including the Mississauga Board of Trade Business Award of Excellence, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, RBC Excellence in Entrepreneurship, the ICCO Business Excellence award, the Federated Press Women Leader of the Year Award and her induction into the Hall of Fame of Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100. She was also recently profiled in “Extraordinary Lives: Inspiring Women of Peel,” published by the Canadian Federation of University Women.

Connie is passionate about helping people with poor health to restore or increase their enjoyment of life. She celebrates the opportunities that she and her staff at Closing the Gap Healthcare are privileged to have to make positive contributions to the lives of so many Canadians.