The Quick Update form is a fast and easy way to change the email address that your LEAF email ( address forwards mail to.

The email address you have listed as your Preferred Email is used to forward mail sent to your Ivey LEAF account. For example, if your Ivey LEAF address is, Ivey's email system looks up where to send an email that is sent to that address, and forwards it on.

No, classmates in the Alumni Portal cannot see your Forwarding email. The only email address that anyone in the Ivey community can see is your Ivey LEAF address. Only Ivey Alumni Relations and Help Desk staff can see your Forwarding email address.

LEAF stands for Lifelong Email Address Forwarding. The School has assigned you an email address, one that can be used forever. It is not a mailbox at Ivey, but an email forwarding service.

It is used to make it easy for fellow alumni to contact you without having to divulge your preferred email address. Classmates send emails to your LEAF account, and you respond to them from your preferred email address, but the LEAF address is the only one displayed.

The LEAF system will forward messages sent to your Ivey address to any email account you designate, as long as that email account is active. For example, you can designate your home email account (Hotmail, Sympatico, Gmail, etc.) or your work email account.

Typically, unless there are people from your class with nearly identical names, the address will take the following format: ( Using this format, John Doe, MBA 1989, would be:

To make it consistent, your LEAF email address is your Alumni Portal User Name followed by

Your Forwarding email address is the email address you have identified as your Preferred Email. To check which email account receives your forwarded mail from your Ivey LEAF account, log into the Alumni Portal and click on the Profile tab.  If there is no preferred email address listed, add one.

If you choose to not provide a Forwarding email address or remove the one listed, you will not receive any of the emails that are sent to your LEAF email address. This includes information that is sent from the Dean, Alumni Relations, the School, Alumni Chapters, or your classmates.

LEAF at Ivey works like the post office — in order to receive mail, you must let the 'post office' know where you are. Add your preferred email address on the Alumni Portal. If your preferred email address changes, log into Alumni Portal to update your profile or complete the Quick Update form so your email will be forwarded to the correct email address.

We suggest that you have your LEAF email forward to a home email address, like those provided through your Internet Service Provider (e.g. Rogers, Sympatico, etc.), or through free accounts, such as Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, or Google. If you require assistance with your forwarding email or LEAF mail address, please contact for more help.