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Jackson Family Foundation Gives $1,000,000

  • Oct 19, 2015
Jackson Family Foundation Gives $1,000,000

The Ivey Community recently celebrated a generous gift of $1,000,000 from the Donald K Jackson Family Foundation to establish six scholarships and awards for first-year HBA students. Don Jackson, MBA ’67, is a long-time supporter of the School, having invested over $1.5 million dollars through his personal giving as well as through his Family Foundation. 

This gift has already made a significant impact as expressed by Tom Grainger, HBA ’16, and Karen Yu, HBA ’16, the two students who received the inaugural Jackson Family Leaders Scholarships last year. 

"It’s difficult to put into words the significance of having someone believe in you so thoroughly that they would offer such incredible support and ask for nothing in return but your best effort. You’ve had a profound impact on my life."  - Tom Grainger

"Through your gift, you have positively impacted my life not only through financial relief, but also by giving me encouragement to work harder, and strive to achieve my ambitions." - Karen Yu

The Leaders Scholarships, valued at $12,500 each, are awarded to two students entering HBA1 and are based on academic achievement and demonstrated community leadership. The scholarships are renewed in HBA2 provided the students maintain an 80% average.

Details of the additional four scholarships and awards for Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO) students and students entering HBA from university are as follows:

The first two awards are for AEOs and are valued at $5,000 each:

  • The HBA International Award is for an international student based on academic achievement and leadership skills; and
  • The HBA Community Service Award is for an AEO student graduating from a publicly-funded high school based on academic achievement and exceptional community service leadership.

The next two are also valued at $5,000 and are for students graduating from publicly-funded high schools:

  • The HBA Entrepreneurship Award is for a first-year HBA student based on academic achievement and exceptional community service leadership, and who also personifies the spirit, passion and drive necessary to become a successful entrepreneur; and
  • The HBA Award is for a first-year HBA student who has pursued global studies.

Thanks to this exceptional $1 million commitment, the Jackson Family scholarships will continue for the next 10 years and the impact the financial support has on the student recipients will last a lifetime.