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What is the Mentor Circle Program?

The Mentor Circle Program is a project of the Ivey Alumni Network (IAN) currently offered in Canada, California, the Tri-state area, EMEA and APAC regions. It is a volunteer-driven mentorship and peer-to-peer program that allows the IAN to promote continuous professional and personal enrichment by connecting alumni with each other. The Circles provide access to broader perspectives and insights from fellow alumni and are meant to drive rich learning and development experiences for all participants.

How does the Mentor Circle Program Work?

The Circles are organized by theme and can be diverse in groupings, i.e. by industry, career progression, personal affinity, etc.

The program runs annually.

Once Circles are established, participants will get to know each other and determine how they will work together for the duration of the Program. Participants are expected to discuss each other’s expectations and goals for the Circle. Circles are expected to meet three to four times throughout the Program, this discussion should include an agreement on the timing and location of future meetings, and determine preferred communication channels and preferences for meetings i.e. in-person, via Skype, via conference call, etc.

After the initial discussion, participants will attend their meetings and be flexible to the needs of each participant. The group will decide who will take ownership of setting the agenda for each meeting. At the onset of each meeting, the group will nominate a participant to coordinate the next meeting.

Participants will attend three to four meetings throughout the year.

All participants are requested to complete a mid and post-Program evaluation. Participants are free to continue the mentoring relationship without support from the IAN as they see fit after the conclusion of the Program.

What are the responsibilities of the participants?

All participants are expected to:

  • Honour their commitments by showing appreciation for each other time and investment in this Program. If you can’t make a meeting, let your Circle know.
  • Communicate clearly and respectfully. Be willing and open to the ideas of others, accept constructive feedback and consider the perspectives of your mentors and peers.
  • Keep all conversations within the Mentor Circle confidential.
  • Guide and counsel the participants in your Circle.
  • Share experiences, insights and organizational savvy to benefit the group.
  • Give participants your time, energy, commitment and engagement.
  • Be open to providing feedback and to learning from all participants.
  • Hold your group accountable for: organizing meetings, leading meaningful discussions and fully participating.
  • Contribute to Program evaluation.
  • Occasionally own the organization of all meetings, agendas and all logistics.
  • Determine as a group, prior to meeting, the topics for discussion.
  • Participate with a strong commitment to the success of the Program.
  • Ask for feedback and use learnings to support your development.
  • Actively participate in the post-Program evaluation survey.
  • Be clear on how your peers can be most helpful to you, come prepared in advance so that the time is spent wisely.

How does the Mentor Circle Program benefit participants?

As a participant, you will:

  • Be an effective and passionate leader and coach.
  • Share your personal and professional experience to support the groups’ development.
  • Learn from the experiences of fellow alumni.
  • Build valuable connections across the Ivey Alumni Network.
  • Support your personal and professional development.
  • Build skills and enhance your network.

For more information please contact Vanessa Leiva, Alumni Relations Associate, Recent Alumni Program at or 519-661-4203.