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Canadian Value Fund Database

Data for this database have been obtained from Morningstar Canada

The purpose of this database is to inform investors about what we believe to be the true value mutual funds in Canada; that is mutual funds that adhere closely to the principles of value investing and act accordingly. However, it is the overtime adherence to the value investing principles that is of importance in deciding whether a given fund is a value fund and not its inclusion in our database at a given point in time. It is thus recommended that persistence in our database is examined before conclusions are drawn regarding a fund’s status as a true value fund.

This page is updated quarterly and shows the value mutual funds as at the particular quarter, their 1 year, 3 year, 5 year and 10 year performance, as well as risk characteristics such as worst and best performance over the trailing 5 years and the coefficient of variation over the trailing five years. Where 5 year performance is not available, a coefficient of variation is not reported as is the case for the best and worst performance. Also, to be included in the database a fund has to have at least 3 years of historical returns.

Mutual funds are screened to identify what we considered to be the true value mutual funds in Canada using the four steps outlined in the Mutual Fund Screening Steps listed below.

Note: These templates are meant for educational purposes only. We believe the spreadsheet to be correct, but do not guarantee the results.

Canadian Value Mutual Funds: Summary Table (Updated April 2010)

Glossary of Terms

Mutual Fund Screening Steps

Past Summaries

Canadian Value Mutual Funds: Summary Table (Updated January 2010)

Canadian Value Mutual Funds: Summary Table (Updated November 2009)

Due to a lack of funding, updates to the database have
been temporarily suspended