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Our Case Method Workshops feature hands-on, interactive and immersive learning experiences. They offer a range of learning opportunities, for those who are new to the case method and for those looking to enhance their skills.

Over 15,000 participants spanning more than 60 countries have benefited from our practical focus on learning to use the case method effectively through our case writing and case teaching workshops. Our online workshops are facilitated by Ivey Business School faculty members, who teach utilizing the case method daily and have authored multiple cases of their own.

“I have been teaching cases for years, and it was informative and interesting to learn the elements of the case so that I can more effectively teach a case. It was very helpful to get ideas on questions for students and how to manage the classroom.”

 Madeleine Romero, Linfield University


Who Can Benefit from Ivey Publishing’s Case Method Training Workshops? 

Participants in our case study workshops come from a range of educational and professional backgrounds and include but are not limited to:

  • Research assistants
  • Doctoral candidates
  • Case writers
  • Instructors
  • Lecturers
  • Professors in all management-related disciplines, as well as hospitality, health, education, law, engineering, kinesiology, agriculture, etc.

On the business and government side, typical workshop participants include:

  • Trainers
  • Staff specialists
  • Case writers
  • Course designers
  • Workshop and seminar teachers
  • Training supervisors
  • Human resources professionals

Participants learn by collaborating with each other, engaging in synchronous live classes and asynchronous activities. This approach provides an opportunity to experience learning from the student perspective.


“I found that participating in an online environment as a learner has been the most valuable and will have positive impacts on the students/participants in our courses…”

 Pamela Ouart-McNabb, AFOA Canada


Types of Workshops We Offer

Case Teaching

This workshop is an introduction to the case method and how to use cases as an effective tool for teaching and learning.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of the case method and why it has become an effective tool for teaching and learning.
  • Determine the importance of the three-step learning process for your students.
  • Learn how to develop a case-based teaching plan.
  • Examine the use of cases as a tool for assessment.
  • Understand what is required to be successful in case teaching.


“After years of struggling with case teaching, I feel like I have a handle on what has not worked for me in the past and how to improve my case method application in the future.”

James Hilliard, Temple University


Case Writing

This workshop aids participants in writing cases effectively and efficiently. Attendees work through the three-phase writing process on a case lead that participants have developed or are hoping to develop. Those who have a case ready for submission or one in development will have an opportunity to receive one on one feedback from an Ivey Publishing editorial staff member.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand a systematic approach to case writing.
  • Determine the key decisions around timing and learning objectives to write a successful case.
  • Identify what is needed to construct a case and teaching note.
  • Help craft a case that is progressing well toward publication.


Teaching Cases with Technology

This workshop is designed for experienced case teachers to help them transition effectively from in class to online teaching and redesign their case-based course for online learning.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding for online learning from the perspective of the student.
  • Differentiate between adapted for online learning and design for online learning.
  • Develop a model for teaching online that combines asynchronous and synchronous learning for the individual, small groups and large groups.
  • Establish a process to redesign your course for an entirely online experience.


“Great value for money (and time)! The program was well planned and supported. The learning objectives were clearly defined and communicated. David Wood delivered a highly engaging and informative series of lectures, exercises and discussions (both in small breakout groups and 'in-the-round' sessions). His confidence in using an online teaching platform to deliver the workshop served as a great example of how asynchronous communication/instruction can/should be incorporated into the overall learning experience. The workshop exceeded my expectations on all fronts!”

Blake Hanna, University of British Columbia

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Arrange a Customized Workshop at your Institution

We are happy to help organize a workshop at your institution for your team or department faculty.

Custom workshops allow participants to immerse themselves in an interactive workshop facilitated by an experienced Ivey faculty member, hosted either in-person or online. Our faculty will work with your institution to deliver a workshop based on the needs of your faculty or team.

For more details, please download and view our brochure

Contact us for more information about bringing a world-renowned Ivey Case Method Workshop (teaching, writing, online learning) to your institution.


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