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Case Method Workshops

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Welcome to the world’s leader in Case Method training. The three leading case method texts on writing, learning and teaching originated at the Ivey Business School. Over 15,000 participants in more than 60 countries have benefited from and enjoyed the practical focus on learning to use the case method quickly and effectively.

Ivey Business School is Canada’s leader in management education, and the second largest producer and distributor of cases in the world. Ivey has been the home of the Annual Case Writing and Case Learning and Teaching Workshops for over 40 years. These workshops are integrated, hands-on and intensely practical.

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Workshop Participants

Participants in these workshops come from a variety of academic, business and government backgrounds. Representatives from the academic community include research assistants, doctoral candidates, case writers, instructors, lecturers, and professors in all management-related disciplines, as well as hospitality, health, education, law, engineering, kinesiology, agriculture and a host of other special interests.

On the business and government side, trainers, staff specialists, case writers, course designers, workshop and seminar teachers, training supervisors and personnel managers participate in these workshops.

At this exclusive course, participants will discuss a wide variety of teaching topics including:

  • Teacher preparation
  • Case teaching plans
  • Managing the classroom 
  • Student engagement

Taking the case method to the next level, the group will also explore case writing themes including:

  • Planning and implementation of the writing process
  • Field work
  • Teaching notes
  • Abstracts
  • Editing and proofreading