Additional Information

What books are on your bedside table right now?

Most of my reading time is spent on course reading, but in anticipation for my upcoming trip to China I recently read Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built.

How do you manage stress (i.e. sports, exercise, meditation)?

I enjoy playing with the kids outside, barbequing, and some kickboxing for exercise.

What is the most significant thing you’ve learned at Ivey?

I’ve really learned that there is much more to managing business than just the numbers. Management style and leadership ability can be the difference between a very successful business and a complete failure.

What’s been the most surprising aspect of the Executive MBA journey to date?

I didn’t expect the case study method to be so effective. Most of the cases are very interesting and help to relate the course material to real life business decisions and scenarios. Working with a learning team has been tremendous. Reviewing the cases with your team helps you to understand the material better. The diverse make-up of the class allows for great discussions and brings different professional perspectives.