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Aaron Lesarge


EMBA 2015, Ivey Business School

Operations Manager, Department of National Defence

Why did you decide to do an Executive MBA?

I had been in the defence industry and the military for over ten years, and I wanted to enhance my skill set in order to further excel in the industry. When I discussed consideration of post-secondary education with senior executives, many recommended the Executive MBA program as a viable means to enhance my value as a leader. The Executive MBA provided an exchange of best practices with my peers, who themselves were leaders in their own industries.

Why did you choose Ivey?

The Ivey EMBA Program was recommended to me by peers who had completed the program. When exploring my options, there was an obvious dynamic to the class. At Ivey, concepts are not simply presented by the professor, but fostered and developed within the classroom.

How did you achieve balance along with your work/home life?

The structure of the EMBA allowed me to strategically plan my school work to minimize the interference with my work schedule. With this flexibility, my work only received the benefits of the program.

Please tell us about your network and the connections you made throughout the program (i.e. classmates, alumni network etc.).

At the beginning, members of the Ivey alumni network helped me in realizing the full potential of the program in regards to both the structure of the courses and professional growth. The developing Canadian Forces Veterans Ivey alumni network also will be of great aid to both established veterans and those transitioning into the corporate landscape.