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Candace Chartier

Chief Executive Officer
Ontario Long Term Care Association

Why did you decide to do an Executive MBA?

I decided to do an Executive MBA after taking several courses to expand my knowledge base. Some of these courses included three week Executive Development courses, one aimed at business and one aimed at health care. These gave me a thirst for a more in-depth program that would provide me the skills and business acumen to aide in my role as a senior officer in a company. Industries change fast and we are in an era of innovation that will require a diverse understanding of how business works and as leaders we have to equip ourselves with skills that will provide us a platform on which to build our leadership traits and strategic abilities.

Why did you choose Ivey?

I chose Ivey based on feedback from several colleagues who had graduated from the program. The case based learning method intrigued me when I researched it and I felt it would align with my learning style. I was also attracted to the global aspect of the program and the focus on China. In addition, the schedule was conducive to my role and was a better fit for my family. I had reviewed research around the top business schools and the ratings and reviews for Ivey were consistent with my expectations.

What benefits have you seen so far in your career?

The benefits I have seen so far have been immense. The Ivey program has allowed me to think more strategically, help lead and develop others and think critically. It prepares you to look at things differently and respect that each country we conduct business in has its own uniqueness as well as challenges and successes. It also prepares you for change and the impact of timing in markets that you have to be prepared to adapt to. This program was the catalyst that prepared me for my new role as Chief Executive Officer in a very dynamic and ever changing environment. The most important take away for me though was the relationships and teamwork that evolved from Ivey and the profound impact it has had on my role to respect others and develop teams that respect you for your integrity and business ethic.

EMBA '12

Ivey Business School

Candace Chartier

Candace Chartier