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Duncan Fulton


EMBA 2013, Ivey Business School

FGL Sports Ltd.

Why did you decide to do an EMBA?

Earlier in my life, I made a decision to leave my undergraduate program unfinished after three years to pursue a terrific career opportunity. Sixteen years later, I found myself as a senior executive without a University degree. I have to admit I misguidedly decided to do my executive MBA just to 'get the piece of paper' and 'check a box', although I also readily acknowledge that I had no idea the fundamental influence the Ivey program would have on my role as a cross-enterprise leader in my company. In fact, after just the first intensive week of the 17 month program, I had already begun to deeply understand and experience the impact of the Ivey journey. The Ivey EMBA program is not just for a degree - although you will earn a valuable one through hard work and determination. Without exaggeration, the Ivey EMBA is for - and will benefit - your entire life.

Why did you choose Ivey?

I chose Ivey for its reputation, its case study method and its flexible schedule. Ivey's strong reputation in corporate Canada and proven history of extremely successful graduates certainly got them onto my 'short list'. I found Ivey's case study method of learning offered the most opportunity to benefit from both the quality professors at Ivey as well as the tremendous experience from the other 55+ participants in the classroom through lively debates and discussions in small learning teams and in the class as a whole. Ivey's schedule of four consecutive days per month in the classroom allowed me to plan my schedule in advance and not be 'away' from work every week or two. My office understood that there would be two days away per month - and my family understood that I would be away for one weekend per month. I found Ivey offered the best overall structure for balancing work, school and family.

What benefits have you seen so far in your career?

Ivey trains you to be a 'cross-enterprise' leader - essential for success in life and business. I now evaluate problems with a new lens - using a deeper understanding of finance and analytics to break apart complex issues and identify root problems. I have been inspired to become more entrepreneurial and now present new opportunities to colleagues with more structure, insight and confidence. I evaluate strategies and problems with a more complex framework and frequently identify and address complex issues in my work environment that previously I would have only seen through a single dimension. In talking with my class, I would say the most common benefit shared by all of us is that Ivey develops in you the confidence to ask probing and insightful questions - the confidence to challenge the status quo and the confidence to not be intimated by complex issues.