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Karen Cormack

Director, Business Transformation
Rogers Communications

Why did you decide to do an Executive MBA?

My decision to pursue an Executive EMBA was greatly influenced by one of my mentors. As someone who had already completed the Ivey EMBA, she helped me see how critical this next step in education was to both my career and personal development. I had seen first-hand how the Ivey program had enhanced her leadership capabilities and accelerated her career.

Why did you choose Ivey?

Ivey has a distinct culture, which you feel whenever you interact with a former graduate or faculty member; it’s a culture built on passion and a sense of duty to attain the highest reaches of professionalism. Practically speaking, the curriculum allowed for a more seamless integration into my lifestyle with Toronto-based classes held across four days a month. The schedule allowed for more flexibility and freedom for my professional and personal commitments.

What benefits have you seen so far in your career?

The biggest changes are the ones that you barely notice happening, such as the increased level of analysis in decision-making, looking towards challenges holistically, and understanding a breadth and impact of organizational dependencies. As a result of this, I’ve taken on a much larger role at my company and the program has prepared me for this new level of strategic responsibility.

Please tell us about your network and the connections you made throughout the program (i.e. classmates, alumni network etc.).

The network that I’ve made through the program is far beyond what I expected. Not only did various alumni play a critical role in my decision-making process by being inclusive, honest, and responsive, since attending I have created a great network of varying capabilities that can support me in the business world through all future endeavours. These are truly great people with whom I’m excited to work and collaborate.

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Ivey Business School

Karen Cormack

Karen Cormack