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Michael Bald

National Services Executive
TOSHIBA Global Commerce Solutions Inc.

Why did you decide to do an Executive MBA?

After twenty years in the IT service industry, I wanted to expand my skill set beyond what my career experience could provide. I had a hunger for more ideas and methods in solving business problems that could help my company. I also wanted to challenge myself and show my children that learning is all about continuous lifelong improvement.

Why did you choose Ivey?

I heard about Ivey from colleagues at IBM, and after some research, learned it had a reputation as a dynamic and connected centre of business study. I liked the case study and integrated team work but especially valued the class and study schedule. The schedule fit in well with my work and family life.

What benefits have you seen so far in your career?

I've become a three-dimensional business thinker, always mentally analyzing and searching for a solution to a problem. I've been offered more diverse and senior roles at work, often invited into meetings to offer my opinion on an issue. I feel I have more options available to my career that goes beyond my IT experience. Ivey creates a more professional confidence inside me when I return to work.

How did you achieve balance along with your work/home life?

The balance comes from being transparent with those around you. I ensured that my family and colleagues are aware when I'll be in class, studying, or working on projects. You have to set expectations up front, make it fun, and complement those covering for you. I also ensure I take time for myself at the gym, or going for a walk at lunch to clear my mind for the next round of work.

EMBA '15

Ivey Business School

Michael Bald

Michael Bald