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Remo Di Fronzo

Director of Business Development
Gate Three Inc., EllisDon

Why did you decide to do an Executive MBA?

I wanted to control my own destiny. I wanted to have a career where I was able to earn as much as possible and I am not solely referring to monetary gains. When I finally committed to starting my executive MBA I had already fifteen years in the capital markets and over a decade of sales experience. I recognized my long term prospects of career growth would become stale if I did not differentiate myself. To become an effective leader in an organization and or the community my business acumen had to be of greater breadth and depth. The Ivey Executive MBA would provide me with the tools to be an effective leader in making financial, strategic and operational decisions to best increase sustainable shareholder value. While there are various designations one can earn in their respective fields the Executive MBA signals to others your commitment to leadership and stewardship.

Why did you choose Ivey?

During my search I came to the conclusion that I did not want an MBA to solely represent letters on my CV. Rather I was more interested in having a journey of true growth and development in business and of myself. I soon thereafter participated in a session at Ivey and immediately recognized my learning potential due to the inclusive nature of the class discussion. As I had observed in that initial session and later during my own classes was that the learning does not rely on the instructor at the front of the class but rather is a shared responsibility among every class participant. The curriculum, with its breadth of exposure to cross enterprise leadership also added to the appeal of Ivey as it is most ideal to my career. Finally, there was no substitute to the commitment and calibre of Ivey's faculty which also weighed heavily into my final decision.

What benefits have you seen so far in your career?

Three words capture the immediate benefits; clarity, confidence and connections. Through countless in-depth case analysis, class discussion and team projects the Ivey EMBA has provided clarity to better understand the unique and complex needs of many businesses. These skills were immediately transferable as they permitted me to establish high degree of credibility with clients and prospects, identifying their challenges as business owners and collaboratively seeking a resolution. Throughout the process, I grew to better appreciate the value I am capable of providing an organization and more importantly understand the direction in which I wanted to take my career. Finally, the connections are the classmates who become friends, potential business partners and resources long after the classroom sessions end.

EMBA '13

Ivey Business School

Remo Di Fronzo

Remo Di Fronzo