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Sameer Husain

Enterprise Account Executive, Media & Communications

Why did you choose Ivey?

I chose Ivey for three reasons. First, the Ivey EMBA program is built with the mandate of grooming Global Strategic Leaders. This was highlighted by a carefully constructed curriculum and building well-rounded cohorts for each class. This aligned with my objectives for pursuing an EMBA. Secondly, the case methodology of teaching matched well with my learning style. I can absorb concepts and content best when they are in the form of an example, or a case, and then discussed with the vast experience in the room. Lectures simply would not have provided the same impact. Lastly, when talking to peers and leaders in my network, the Ivey brand is considered very strong. I wanted to graduate from a well-known and respected program.

What benefits have you seen so far in your career?

The biggest benefit is evolving my way of thinking when approaching day-to-day problems. This course has given me a strong foundational toolset in all core areas of business to better traverse unfamiliar waters. I have been able to demonstrate a level of poise and clear thinking that has been noticed by leaders in my company. I have also enhanced my approach to working with colleagues that don’t report to me to drive towards a goal that may not be their primary focus. This has been a valuable addition to my arsenal.

How did you achieve balance along with your work/home life?

This is a tough one, given the responsibility at work. I have been able to maintain some semblance of balance by carving out "school time" on a week by week basis. On weeks when I am not travelling, I try to get ninety minutes done before work starts and an hour at lunch. When I'm on a plane, this is ideal time to work on assignments or to prepare a case. The key is to have a plan and to focus during the time that I have allotted.

Please tell us about your network and the connections you made throughout the program (i.e. classmates, alumni network etc.).

The Ivey class is built to a maximum of fifty-five people by design. I have found that this is a good size to build meaningful relationships with each person in the class if you choose. Because Ivey has two intakes per year, there are three classes running throughout one's time in the program and there is ample opportunity to meet and network with peers in classes ahead and behind you. There are also alumni networking events that are held frequently that I have attended. Coming out of the program, I now have connections that will help in my current industry — technology — or in any other major industry if I ever wanted to make a switch. That again speaks to the balanced approach in which classes are built at Ivey.

EMBA '15

Ivey Business School

Sameer Husain

Sameer Husain