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Sarah Trimble

Senior Director, Digital Marketing
Rogers Consumer Publishing and Digital Media Group

Why did you decide to do an Executive MBA?

I decided to do an Executive MBA because I was quickly progressing in my career and taking on more responsibility within digital marketing and e-commerce. However, I realized that the majority of my time was spent in meetings working through cross-functional issues and adjusting to shifts in corporate strategy. The Executive MBA was the perfect way to round-off my focused ecommerce technical experience with a broader managerial and strategic viewpoint. Additionally, the Executive MBA provided access to a group of experienced professionals who I could learn from. I believe in Canadian business leaders and wanted a network of peers that are top in class. An Executive MBA program provided this opportunity and more.

Why did you choose Ivey?

I believe the Ivey case method is the best way to get value out of an MBA experience. In real world situations you aren't reading textbooks and writing long exams -- you are working through complex, on the spot decisions with a cross-functional group of colleagues who each bring different viewpoints to the discussion. The case discussion method is the best way to simulate this experience and provides an invaluable opportunity to refine your own personal approach to whatever situation occurs. Going through over 200 cases in completely different industries gives you a comfort level in dealing with ambiguity, change and uncertainty. I believe real leadership is in how you deal with the situation, not how much you know about something. The Ivey cases across finance, marketing, strategy, operations and leadership also ensure that all critical technical skills are covered so that you can truly be a cross-enterprise strategic leader.

What benefits have you seen so far in your career?

The benefits were immediate. The biggest change was in assessing a situation from a broader perspective with a better understanding of what the questions being asked were really getting at. This allowed me to answer a question not with the exact answer, but with more questions and perhaps a different suggestion on how to approach the situation. Additionally, with Ivey's focus on ensuring everyone builds a unique personal viewpoint and managerial style, I now approach my career differently. Ivey gave me a combination of skills that allowed me to manage my own career, to run a high-performing team, and to engage in a multitude of tough situation with confidence. This has put me in the position to excel and to do more than I thought possible. I look forward to using the experiences I've gained in MBA throughout my career.

EMBA '12

Ivey Business School

Sarah Trimble

Sarah Trimble