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Vikas Girdhar

Engagement Director

Why did you decide to do an Executive MBA?

After 10 years in the IT Consulting field, along with two successful entrepreneurial ventures, I came to a cross roads within my career. I looked at my effective capabilities as a leader, and realized there were significant gaps in my expertise. I weighed both the MBA and EMBA option to eventually land on the EMBA as I was looking to continue my career in an upward manner, versus sidestepping or choosing a different path. I love what I do, and believe the EMBA was the right fit to make me the most effective leader and entrepreneur I could be.

Why did you choose Ivey?

Ivey's reputation globally and domestically were the key reasons I started to look at Ivey, amongst a limited selection of schools. After sitting in on classes at each school, I quickly saw how Ivey's approach to teaching fit me and my approach the best. The structure and the program layout of meeting monthly and in person were also very specific factors that ultimately solidified my decision to enroll at Ivey.

What benefits have you seen so far in your career?

Shortly after the first term, I started to notice a trend in my consulting work. I was willing to step outside of comfortable and known paths, and volunteer to take on new challenges with clients. The second, and probably the most important change I have seen is the fire that has been reignited within me and my teams to create value through new opportunities and client engagements. The program has embedded within me the concept and belief that every action we take has an impact across the organization, and I truly embrace the Cross Enterprise thinking in every project I lead. These changes only occurred after the rigor and process that was instilled within us during each case, project, class session and every discussion with the professors.

EMBA '13

Ivey Business School

Vikas Girdhar

Vikas Girdhar