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You can't be lectured into becoming an effective decision-maker; you must develop into one. This is a core principle of the Ivey EMBA Program and Ivey Case-Method Learning, because how you learn is just as important as what you learn.

"In a traditional program, you get out what you put in. But with Case-Method Learning you get out what everybody puts in." [expand quote]

Josh Tepper, EMBA ’11

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It's Not About Textbooks And Lectures

How -you -learn -01Confidence comes with practice. In the Ivey classroom, you'll develop your confidence as you apply what you've learned while being challenged by your classmates and faculty. They'll offer perspectives from real-world business experience as you work through each case, imparting years of knowledge in just 17 transformational months.

Ivey Case-Method Learning
It's simply better to learn by doing.

How -you -learn -02Ivey Case-Method Learning isn't just teaching; it's about instilling powerful decision-making skills that will stay with you long after graduation. By working through complex, multi-disciplined challenges in tight-knit groups, you'll develop a new way of thinking that influences everything you do going forward. You'll adopt a big-picture point of view, and you'll improve your confidence and ability to turn options into decisions, knowledge into action, and ideas into change.

The Learning Process

To prepare for class, you'll assess each case and develop your action plan as though you are the leader dealing with that particular business challenge. From there, you'll test your ideas with your learning team, and new ideas and strategies will emerge. This exercise builds confidence in your decisions and prepares you for class itself. The Ivey classroom is the final step, where you'll open the debate to the diverse perspectives and experiences of the entire class.

Making It Possible

  • Four consecutive days per month (Thursday to Sunday).
  • 17-month program.
  • One-week residential session at the beginning of each of the three terms.
  • One-week International Trip.
  • Two start dates each year: September and February.
  • A break in classes during the summer months.
  • Classes held at Ivey's state-of-the-art Tangerine Leadership Centre in downtown Toronto.
  • All accommodations, meals, and other amenities are of the highest quality, providing an effective and efficient learning environment that enriches your experience.