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Success comes from the ability to see the big picture, no matter your business role. The Ivey Executive MBA Program goes beyond teaching leadership skills to employ the principles of Cross-Enterprise Leadership. This approach demonstrates how relationships and interconnections are just as important as the function of any business unit.

"I feel that I see more now because of Ivey. I can see more detail. I can see longer term. It’s as though I was seeing black and white before and now I can see in full colour." [expand quote]

Hsiu-Yan Chan, EMBA ’12

Hsiu-Yan Chan, Ivey EMBA ’12

Cross-Enterprise Leadership Skills

In the Ivey EMBA Program, you'll learn what it takes to succeed in your organization by looking at your role in the context of the whole. You'll learn how to make decisions that build success across the entire organization. That's real leadership development.

Practical Learning With Real-World Relevance

What -you -learn -01As a program participant, you'll build greater expertise in all functional areas of business from accounting to marketing, but with a Cross-Enterprise Leadership perspective. Ivey's Case-Method Learning and highly relevant projects develop your judgment, confidence, and effectiveness in knowing when and how to apply what you've learned.

Projects With Immediate Impact

The Program includes several individual and team-based projects designed to develop your analytical skills and teach you when to apply them in real-world business challenges. The project work combines your academic and professional life and encourages you to identify and examine challenges within your own organization as part of your course projects. The result: a customized EMBA learning experience that delivers immediate benefits back to your organization.

The International Field Study Trip

With a broader strategic perspective, new knowledge, and sharpened skills, you get a chance to apply your learning in a global context with the international field study trip. Choose from multiple international locations and spend one week on a project with members of your own class and professionals from other top global EMBA programs. This is not industrial tourism; it is an experience designed to expose you to the business practice and context of an unfamiliar global environment.