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In the Ivey EMBA Program, you'll be placed on dynamic teams with high-calibre classmates from diverse backgrounds. Our world-class faculty facilitates your interactive learning experience as you collaborate on projects and benefit from each other's unique experiences.

"On your team, you get people with a lot of different backgrounds and skill sets. You get doctors and engineers and accountants and marketers."
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Ben Craig, EMBA ’11

Ben Craig, Ivey EMBA ’11

Ivey EMBA Participants

Even with their incredible diversity, all Ivey EMBA participants have something substantial to offer and are all eager to bring their unique experience to class discussions. Ivey faculty members find ways to accelerate learning in the case study method by drawing on the breadth and depth of knowledge in each classroom.As a participant in the Ivey EMBA Program, you'll join top-quality classmates from a broad range of professions, industries and roles. Ivey EMBA participants have an average of 15 years of full-time work experience.

Ivey EMBA Faculty

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Ivey EMBA professors contribute valuable experience from outside the classroom. Through their research, case writing, and consulting assignments, they have a keen understanding of the pressures and challenges facing organizations in Canada and around the world, and in many instances are actively involved with them. In many cases, the professor facilitating your class will have first-hand knowledge about the case at hand, resulting in a deeper and more relevant learning experience. At the same time, Ivey professors are very accessible - not only during your time at Ivey, but also afterward on an informal basis.

Surrounded By Excellence

  • Ivey EMBA participants have an average of 15 years of work experience
  • 22% of participants have 20 or more years of experience
  • 25% are Vice-President/President
  • 22% have been educated internationally