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The Business of Energy Transitions: Lessons from Thomas Edison

October 14, 2020

Bio Petert

On October 14th, as part of Professor Adam Fremeth's Corporations and Society course, Peter Tertzakian addressed over 300 HBA students in a plenary session that considered the business of energy transitions within the Canadian economy. The session highlighted lessons from the past that are able to inform the routes and obstacles that we should expect in the process of decarbonization.

Peter Tertzakian is Executive Director at ARC Energy Research Institute; Managing Director and Chief Energy Economist at ARC Financial; and was appointed Executive-in-Residence with the Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre in March 2020. He is one of Canada’s leading strategists and advisors on energy investment, and a well-known author, podcaster and public speaker. He is a regular columnist for the National Post and author of two books on the changing world of energy – A Thousand Barrels a Second (McGraw Hill, 2007) and The End of Energy Obesity (Wiley, 2009). Peter is also the founder of  


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