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Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre

6th Annual Electricity Workshop

Oct 18, 2022

20221018 145150 (3)

Session 3 Moderator Sarah Griffith with Speakers Katherine Sparkes, Kristen van de Biezenbos, and David Robinson

2022 Theme: Electricity Market Fundamentals in an Electrified World

As federal governments, provinces and states implement policies to decarbonize their economies and fight global climate change, the share of consumer energy demand supplied from the electric system is expected to grow. To meet this growing electricity demand, significant infrastructure investment will be required. Studies have considered the technologies, amount and pace of investment needed to achieve targets under different carbon policy assumptions. However, a jurisdiction’s choice of how to govern and structure its electricity sector (e.g., vertical integration vs vertical separation, private vs public ownership, competition vs. regulation) will influence these variables and change our ability to meet decarbonization targets. In Canada and the US, there is a patchwork of different market and regulatory systems. This Workshop will explore the readiness of current governing models and market structures for the efficient and equitable transition to a more electrified world.

View the speakers powerpoints now on the 6th Annual Electricity Workshop events page


This event was generously sponsored by the MSA, CAEE, IESO, and AESO

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