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Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre


Steve Carlisle | The Global Energy Outlook: The Future of Fossil Fuels

Steve Carlisle, President and Managing Director, General Motors Canada, discusses the trajectory of development for electric vehicles.

Elizabeth Dowdeswell | Building Local Community Confidence in Renewable Energy Development

The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, discusses the importance of public trust and engagement in energy development.

Ken Hewitt | Building Local Community Confidence in Renewable Energy Development

Ken Hewitt, Mayor of Haldimand County, discusses the issue of resistance that often surrounds green energy projects.

Michael Lyle | Building Local Community Confidence in Renewable Energy Development

Michael Lyle, Vice President, Planning, Law and Aboriginal Relations at IESO, discusses the different responses local regulators face when implementing new projects.

Kris Smith | Building Local Community Confidence in Renewable Energy Development

Kris Smith, Executive Vice President, Downstream, Suncor, discusses the different responsibilities of government, developers, and municipalities.

The Making of Climate Science and Policy: An Insider Perspective

Expert panelists, Gordon McBean and Radoslav Dimitrov, share their perspectives from working inside the bodies that inform and guide government policy-making.

Jan Carr | Going Back to Basics with Ontario's Electricity Sector

Jan Carr, Strategic Advisor, Gowlings' International Initiatives, discusses needs and priorities in reforming Ontario's electricity sector.

Stephen Littlechild | Benefits of Privatizing the Energy Sector

Professor Stephen Littlechild, an international expert in the utility sector, talks about the benefits of privatizing the electricity sector.

John McManus | The Competitive Landscape

John McManus, Senior Advisor, Borealis Infrastructure, talks about the increasing competitiveness of the energy sector marketplace in terms of the pricing of assets.

Francois Poirier | Building Stakeholder Trust

Francois Poirier, President, Energy East Pipeline, TransCanada, reveals how his company identifies community needs and builds stakeholder trust for the development of the Energy East Pipeline project.

Steve Baker | Stakeholder Engagement

Stephen Baker, President, Union Gas Limited, discusses the challenge of engaging stakeholders and educating the public on what the energy sector means to society.

Siegfried Kiefer | Public Understanding

Siegfried Kiefer, Chief Operating Officer, Power & Utilities, ATCO Ltd. & Canadian Utilities Limited, points out the need for public understanding of issues such as the costs and environmental impact of energy infrastructure.

Gordon Lambert | Earning Public Support

Gordon Lambert, Executive Advisor, Sustainability and Innovation, Suncor Energy, discusses the conflict in the energy and environment and social space and how his company earns the trust of stakeholders by putting all the facts on the table.