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Western Angels' Demo Day

Western Angels’ Demo Day brings together budding entrepreneurs and investors from across our Western University community to form new networks and partnerships that can propel new businesses forward.

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Western Alumni Angels Network

The Western Alumni Angels Network (WAAN) was launched in 2020 to engage, leverage, and stimulate the angel investment community among Western alumni. We aim to democratize angel investing opportunities and create a best-in-class network of diverse, educated investors.

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About the Institute

Recognized globally as a premier resource for entrepreneurship research and education, the Pierre L. Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship serves new business ventures from start-up to succession. Housed within the renowned Ivey Business School, the Institute provides entrepreneurs with the tools, resources and discipline to thrive in a competitive world.

We work at every level - from helping students develop the skills to launch new businesses, to supporting existing entrepreneurs as they take their organizations to the next level. We are also world-renowned for our research in the areas of high growth and entrepreneurial learning.