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Pierre L. Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship

Business Families Centre

Families in business must learn and grow together, which is why Ivey's Business Families Centre (BFC) seeks to engage all members of the business family: 

  • Entrepreneurial founders who contemplate succession planning as they seek to transition out of active leadership;
  • Second and third generation owner-leaders who must innovate and respond to continually evolving industries, economies and consumer preferences;
  • Generation Y's, who on the threshold of launching their careers, are often faced with the complex decision of whether or when to enter the family firm.

The BFC is also committed to helping family-controlled businesses remain entrepreneurial, a key factor in ensuring long term viability, and to fostering deeper understanding of the strengths and challenges of the business, the family and the complex relationship that ties one to the other. 

At Ivey, HBA and MBA students learn about the influence and impact that family-controlled companies have had on the economies of both Canada and the world, gain insight into the motivations of successful business family owner-leaders, and perhaps be inspired to one day launch or return to their own family firm and, in so doing, continue the Ivey tradition of studying, supporting and celebrating business families.

Students in an Ivey classroom