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Pierre L. Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship

Hustle & Grit with Eric Janssen

To thrive in the new era of work, operators rely on skills that aren’t often taught, they are ‘learned’ through experience, and trial-and-error.

With our new series, Hustle & Grit, I wanted to look at how successful entrepreneurs learned from setbacks, and discovered breakthrough opportunities throughout their journey, and candidly talk about the barriers they encountered along the way.

Throughout the series, we will talk to a variety of entrepreneurs, who each embody these ten themes that will improve your odds of entrepreneurial success, including: Motivation, Innovation, Feedback, Mastery, Effectiveness, Leverage, Prioritization, Resilience, Acting as if, and Move.

To read more about what's inspired me to create this series, and an Ivey HBA Course under the same name, visit Hustle & Grit.


1. Motivation: Looking for 'more' with Alan Gertner of Tokyo Smoke

Why is it that people in seemingly great places — good careers or relationships, leave to pursue ‘more’?

In 2015, Alan Gertner was working his dream job at Google. Growing up, Alan was the type of kid who preferred computer camp to sports camp, and at only 30 years old was an executive at Google, living in Singapore. He’d dedicated his 20’s to winning at work and realized he wanted the next chapter to be different – so he left.

He went on to start a company in the cannabis industry, Tokyo Smoke, which he eventually sold to Canopy Growth Corporation for a reported $250M. But his systematic process to do the self-work required to figure out what to do next was key to his success.

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2. How to be innovative and make yourself indispensable with Brent Choi of DDB Canada

Brent Choi learnt the importance of being indispensable the hard way. Fired from his first four jobs, Brent began his recovery by relying on his work ethnic, and passion to find solutions. “I’m not as talented as my competition, and so I have to outwork them,” said Brent.

In our latest episode, Brent Choi, the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of DDB Canada, talks about the source of innovation, and creativity, and how it can be developed through passion and a desire to fix problems.

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