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Pierre L. Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship

Season 1 with Eric Janssen

Eric Janssen

What You Can Expect From the Ivey Entrepreneur Podcast w/ Eric Janssen

Have you ever learned something new, only to think, “Why didn’t someone teach me this sooner?” Have you ever thought, “I’d love to start a business, I’m just not sure how.” If so, then the Ivey Entrepreneur Podcast is just the thing for you.

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1. De-Risking the Decision to Leave the Corporate World as an Entrepreneur w/ Craig Follett

You’ve got this idea. Every day you show up to your job, do your work, and do it well. But in the back of your mind, you can’t stop thinking about that thing that you want to do. That thing that you know will change the world. But in today’s world, up and quitting a job is scary. You’ve got responsibilities. You’ve got bills. How do you de-risk the decision when it comes to setting out on your own as an entrepreneur?

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2. Why Every Entrepreneur Needs Feedback w/ Nicole Haney

As an entrepreneur, when you build something you love, getting feedback can be scary. But today’s guest, Nicole Haney, Founder and CEO of Boho Bake Shop and Boho Bars, knew that feedback would be what could make her product even better. So she embraced it.

It’s really easy to get bogged down on all of the feedback you get in the early stages, but sometimes it’s what takes your business to the next level. On this episode, we discuss when to listen to feedback and when to just keep moving.

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3. Why Public Speaking Training Can Transform Your Life and Business w/ Eric Silverberg and Eli Gladstone

Everyone wants to be a better speaker. Whether you’re pitching to potential investors or doing an all-hands meeting for your team, there are techniques that can help transform how you communicate.

On this episode, we speak with Eric Silverberg and Eli Gladstone, co-founders of Speaker Labs which trains you based on the science of effective speaking.

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4. Overcoming Rough Start Leads to Successful Sales w/ Pete Machelek

What do you do when everyone says no to your can’t-miss idea? You change your clothes, have a drink, and quickly reposition.

Peter Machalek, currently the COO at TREC Brands, shared the mogul-filled story of how he started Adbloc Media right out of college. He couldn’t wait to share his idea for advertising on ski chairlifts at a trade show. He entered in his suit. The attendees were in ripped tee shirts and sandals.

Fortunately, he’d brought some casual clothes. His pitch was a sure thing. Would you like to make hundreds of thousands of dollars without lifting a finger or spending a dime? Everyone said no. Machalek was dumbfounded, perplexed. Who turns down free money?

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5. Being an Introverted Entrepreneur: How to Survive in a World That Won't Stop Talking w/ Bobby Besant

We all know those people. The people that won’t stop talking.

The people that never seem to be quiet long enough to hear what is ACTUALLY being said. They’re too interested in what they THINK is being said. Unfortunately, this is the category that most entrepreneurs get lumped into. Loud. Obnoxious. Won’t shut up long enough to take a breath.

Bobby Besant is not one of those entrepreneurs. He’s anything but.

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6. Taking Risks in Entrepreneurship w/ Rami Helali

This episode features a New Yorker, who quit his corporate job and moved to Egypt--all for the sake of the perfect t-shirt.

Guest, Rami Helali shares his experience starting KOTN--an ethically sourced t-shirt company that specializes in using a transparent manufacturing process that meets the highest standards in both ethics and quality. He chronicles the hustle, drive, and determination that it took to grow a brand from a backpack and a dream four years ago, to having a strong online presence in addition to several retail stores in multiple countries today.

His insights are applicable to anyone looking to make the jump from employee to entrepreneur and pull it off successfully.

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7. How to Grow your Start-up with GrowthTO Founder Emily Lonetto

Emily Lonetto, HBA’16, founder of GrowthTO, the largest community of growth and product practitioners in Canada.

Emily’s career ambitions have ranged from Rockstar (she literally sang in an alternative rock band in Toronto), to promoter, to entrepreneur and growth marketer.  Her experiences on the growth team at Tilt (acquired at AirBnB) kick-started her career in growth, and she has since held positions at numerous high profile start-ups and scale-ups such as PartnerStack, Clio, and Voiceflow. 

In this episode, Emily helps us understand what growth really is, how to spot talent for your growth team, and uncovers the tactics behind several well-executed growth initiatives that she has participated in.

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8. Digital Marketing with 44 North Digital Marketing Founder Corey Shelson

Corey Shelson, MBA '12, is the founder of 44 North Digital Marketing. After serving with the Canadian Forces for nine years, Corey joined the Ivey MBA program and launched a start-up soon after. While his first foray into entrepreneurship didn’t pan out the way he hoped, the itch never left him.

In this episode, Corey talks about his journey, as well as the growing importance of marketing in an expanding digital landscape.

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9. Building Bridgit with Co-founders Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Lake

If Bridgit rings a bell, you have probably read one of the many articles on the tech company’s rise on the Globe & Mail, BetaKit, Forbes, or the Financial Post; Two young female entrepreneurs, making waves in the construction industry.

In this episode of the Ivey Entrepreneur Podcast, Eric Janssen speaks to Mallorie Brodie, HBA ’13, and Lauren Lake, B.E.Sc '13, about their journey of discovering entrepreneurship, starting a company through Next36, raising money, the challenge of hiring, and pivoting to stay relevant in a competitive industry.

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10. Building a product for yourself with Sarah Sklash of The June Motel

For the first episode of 2020, Eric Janssen speaks to Sarah Sklash, HBA ’07, co-owner of The June Motel, a 16-room boutique motel in Prince Edward County.

Find out how a New Years Resolution helped Sarah take the leap from side hustle, to full-time entrepreneur, who together with her business partner, chose to transform the ‘diviest motel you’ve ever seen,’ into one of Ontario's most Instagrammable experiences.

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