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Pierre L. Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship

2018 Ivey Entrepreneurship Scholarship Recipients

  • Mar 14, 2018
2018 Ivey Entrepreneurship Scholarship Recipients

The Institute hosted donors and recipients of the Ivey Entrepreneurship Scholarship Awards at Toronto's National Club on January 25, 2018. Meet our HBA and MBA recipients of the 2018 Entrepreneurship Scholarships.

2018 HBA Scholarship Award Recipients

  • Diane Biscof Memorial HBA Scholarship  
    Emily Newton, HBA ’19 Candidate

  • J. Armand Bombardier Entrepreneurship Award
    (J. Armand Bombardier )
    Brady Johnson, HBA ’18 Candidate
    Geoffrey Kung, HBA ’18 Candidate

  • John R. Currie HBA Award in Entrepreneurship
    (John R. Currie, HBA ’60)
    Megan MacKay, HBA ’19 Candidate
    Elaine Cook, HBA ’19 Candidate

  • Don Lang HBA Scholarship in Entrepreneurship (Donald Lang HBA ’80)
    George Yuan, HBA ’18 Candidate
    Austin Baggio, HBA ’19 Candidate

  • Gudewill Entrepreneurial Award (The Gudewill Family)
    Devon Bingham, HBA ’19 Candidate
    Cathy Chen, HBA ’18 Candidate

  • Jackson Family HBA Entrepreneurship Award
    Donald K. Jackson Family Foundation)
    Braden Ream-Neal, HBA ’19 Candidate
    Aaron Li,  HBA ’19 Candidate

  • Pierre L. Morrissette HBA Award in Entrepreneurship
    Pierre Morrissette, MBA ’72)
    Andrew Schneider, HBA ’18 Candidate

  • QuantumShift Fellow HBA Entrepreneurship Award
    QuantumShift Fellows)
    Patrick Ou, HBA ’19 Candidate

  • Tevya Rosenberg Award in Entrepreneurship
    Tevya Rosenberg, HBA ’73)
    Caroline Wei,  HBA ’18 Candidate

  • Paul Sabourin HBA Scholarship in Entrepreneurship
    Cooper Jefferson,  HBA ’18 Candidate

  • Enactus Canada Award in Entrepreneurship
    Alyssa Laframboise, HBA ’19 Candidate

  • Kenneth R. Good Family Scholarship
    Lisha Fei, HBA ’18 Candidate

2018 MBA Scholarship Award Recipients

  • Nelson M. Davis Scholarship (Nelson M. Davis Trust Fund)
    Matt Boswick MBA ’18 Candidate
    Mike Patterson, MBA ’18 Candidate
    Ethan Wright, MBA ’18 Candidate

  • Schulich Award for Entrepreneurship (Seymour Schulich)
    David Clementi,  MBA ’18 Candidate